Thursday February 15, 2007

Ana Menendez’ tear-jerking ode to her father’s 14 citrus trees, cut down in 1997. “Dad stood by helplessly as Asplundh workers chopped down every one of his precious trees: the sour oranges, the lemons, the key limes, the tangelos — 14 trees in all, some of them 30 feet high. Just before the big orange tree was taken down, my father carted away four wheelbarrows full of oranges it had produced. By the end of the day, more than 10 years of patient care had been reduced to yard trash.”



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  1. Rick    Thu Feb 15, 08:20 AM #  

    I know it may sound silly, but until you’ve owned a house and invested a lot of time and care into the maintenance of it, including the landscaping or, in this case, the fruit trees, you’ll have trouble identifying with Ana (note spelling) and this column.


  2. alesh    Thu Feb 15, 08:39 AM #  

    Probably true. Thanks for the correction. Steve can hang.

  3. Steve    Thu Feb 15, 12:07 PM #  

    “...more than 10 years of patient care had been reduced to yard trash.”

    Medical insurers approve this view of patient care.

  4. geniusofdespair    Fri Feb 16, 11:10 AM #  

    My mother gave me and my sister lime trees a few months before she died and they were important to us. The brutal men came and chopped and then chipped but mom’s trees grew back.

    So I can relate to Ana’s column.

  5. Steve    Fri Feb 16, 01:50 PM #  

    G.o.D.: When the arboreal assasins yanked out the grapefruit tree on my front lawn, it grew back too — sort of. The gigantic tree that grew out of the hole is a sour orange: the original tree must have been a grapefruit tree grafted on to a sour orange trunk. Are the trees that grew from the roots of your mom’s also lime trees?

  6. Peter Ehrlich    Sun Feb 18, 10:41 PM #  

    Ana Menendez is one of the best writers in Miami. She earns our respect once again. Miami is lucky to have her.

  7. Henry Gomez    Tue Feb 20, 09:16 PM #  

    The citrus canker erradication effort was a farce. That said, I won’t be crying for the man who fathered that horse-faced bitch.