Tuesday February 13, 2007

Miami Photo Resources. Color House rocks!



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  1. KH    Tue Feb 13, 09:24 AM #  

    Hey! I heard that some of the Thompson techs opened up their own place on Key Biscayne!

  2. Jonathan    Tue Feb 13, 10:02 AM #  

    Thanks for the link to Miami Photo Resources.

    Does anyone have more info about the new place on Key Biscayne?

  3. that guy    Tue Feb 13, 10:26 AM #  

    Not bad, though his personal website tries to hijack my browser.

  4. enh    Sat Feb 17, 05:51 AM #  

    I like color house for my film processing. they are so-so with the scanning their printing is top notch but they can make a gallery ready french cleat for shit.