Tuesday February 13, 2007

Lung Gong

Lung Gong

You’ve heard about the “secret menu” that some Chinese restaurants have, with real Chinese food that most Americans wouldn’t even dream of ordering? Welcome to Long Gong, a cozy little place tucked into a strip mall on Tamiami Trail just west of FIU. The staff is absurdly friendly, and the authentic menu isn’t that intimidating: it’s in English, and includes a mix of the comforting and intimidating. Go with a big group, order some of both, and prepare to be amazed.

food crop.JPG

It’s difficult to get a good picture of the food, because we ordered probably about a dozen different things, and they bring out each dish as it’s prepared, just like in China, so that the meal becomes this very time-based experience of overlapping courses. Here we have (counterclockwise from left) chicken with chestnuts, broccoli, a spicy fish stew, duck (head chopped in half for easy brain consumption), more broccoli, and some soup. We also had steamed dumplings, fried whole little octopi, garlic cucumber, and a couple of fried-dough based things, both sweet and savory. Copious quantities of beer and sake were also consumed.

This was a grand feast celebrating a couple of friends’ departure to China to teach English for a year+. Here is a photostitch of everyone at the table, with the secret menu at far right. (Please to note the Miami Chinese restaurant roundup in c305, which also features Kon Chau.)

Lung Gong
11929 SW 8th Street

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  1. mapache    Tue Feb 13, 11:44 AM #  

    There is a grand vartiety of ethnic foods that have become so international that people her only think they are eating the “real thing”. For example real mexican food may include some fried “gusanos de Maguey” tacos, which are the worms found in the bottom of a bottle of Mezcal, Ant eggs with cilantro, fried grasshoppers in the state of Oaxaca, tacos de nana (pig’s womb), etc….. My aunt lived in Japan for about six months and she said that sushi as we know it is a completely different thing over there, as well as so many other countries may have their “international” tourist-friendly menu. Real ethnic restaurants are so hard to come by, but this is a great find since real chinese food is delicious.

  2. Chad    Wed Feb 14, 11:54 AM #  

    What a wonderful place. Authentic is rare and worth finding.

    Ross (one of the folks we were celebrating) is now in China eating even better food. Sigh…

  3. Cee    Wed Feb 14, 08:15 PM #  

    Ross is in China devouring kitties and puppies like the rest of the country.