Friday February 9, 2007

rule of thirds
Rule of thirds on Collins Ave. Photo by Miami Fever.



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  1. Guv    Fri Feb 9, 02:08 PM #  

    Are these women of the night?! I like the photo regardless.

  2. Tere    Fri Feb 9, 04:52 PM #  

    Wow, hookers are getting younger and younger…

  3. alesh    Fri Feb 9, 05:10 PM #  

    I’m gonna go with “girls on their way to a club.”

  4. Tere    Fri Feb 9, 09:38 PM #  

    Which is prob more like it, Alesh, but really, what’s the diff between them and the ladies of the night?

  5. that guy    Fri Feb 9, 10:56 PM #  

    They’re on their way to a club. Probably an Opium Group operation, as their venues tend to have people out on the street handing out colored wristbands to pretty girls to get them to go to the clubs. The bitch on stage left has one band for each of her friends.

    Women of the night? Yeah, but indirectly. Money is being spent to get them into bed.

  6. I was there    Sat Feb 10, 02:56 AM #  

    I like how the girls on the left and right are dressed alike, as if they spoke prior to going out and planned their “slut garb”. Girl in the middle is either younger, less experienced or from out of town.

  7. jordan massengale    Sat Feb 10, 03:20 AM #  

    Pictorially, the one young lady ( being un-lady-like ? ) is standing in a rectalinear location which, is approximately .382 out of a whole of 1, thus leaving the pole, and the other two ladies located in the .618 proportionate section of the rectalinear whole.

  8. cohen    Sat Feb 10, 12:41 PM #  


  9. KH    Sat Feb 10, 10:50 PM #  

    Jeez. Most of you commenters deserve that middle finger the young woman is proffering. Calling a woman a slut, a whore, or a bitch doesn’t make it okay for you to then degrade them. Not cool.

  10. Guv    Sun Feb 11, 11:41 AM #  

    Degrading, KH? I just really thought they might be actual working girls (it is M.B.), and wondered about the story behind this very engaging photo. Certainly not criticizing the girls if they were on the job, though I suppose the wristbands (pointed out by that guy) are the clue to the real story: Just clubbin’! But you are right KH, I am sure they are actually demure, modest young ladies.

  11. I was there    Sun Feb 11, 01:47 PM #  

    You’re right KH “slut garb” was not the right term.

    I should have said the two young ladies dressed like life size BRATZ dolls.

  12. jordan    Sun Feb 11, 07:34 PM #  

    I was infering that this “Rule of Thirds” relates to what is also called “The Golden Section/Ratio. The composition here works quite well. Emphasis, one of the Principles of design, is revealed here with the action and location of the middle finger Woman.

  13. alesh    Sun Feb 11, 09:19 PM #  

    Yes, the photo is formally beautiful on several levels. I invite those who like it for those reasons to peruse Miami Fever’s photostream, because he cranks out stuff this good every damn day (though you will have to wade through occasional gratuitous pictures of his girlfriends and car).

    There is another issue though, that gets into the whole street photography/right to privacy issue. I don’t think it’s completely clear that these girls are upset at being photographed, but assuming they are, is that justified? Carlos walks around and takes pictures of people; it’s possible to ask for permission each time, but the simple fact is that you’ll miss photos doing that, and there is no legal requirement to do so.

    So, KH (or anyone else), what’s degrading here — is it the very fact that a photo was taken?

  14. kellerkalt    Sun Feb 11, 10:28 PM #  

    I think KH was more against the tone of the comments, aside from Jordan’s technical one.

  15. cohen    Sun Feb 11, 11:55 PM #  

    all i wrote was MIAyo,,,, it means cocaine and Miami,,,not slut whore….

  16. mapache    Mon Feb 12, 10:51 AM #  

    I think this pic is really great, three young women whom by a first glance we can’t tell if they are “ladies of the night”, whom are working or clubbing. Although clubbing and dressed like that, hmm…..they must be working someone or being worked. Regardless, all of them look like they must have attended a really nice and preppy finishing school in Lausanne Switzerland and groomed with an incredible degree of education, manners and propriety. The fact is that you see “ladies” like these every Friday and Saturday in Miami Beach, undistinguishable from that image portrayed by Julia Roberts in the 80’s film “Pretty Woman”. The only thing these girls are missing, are the above the knee boots from the first scene. I think that now a day these little girls all think of themselves as the next Nicole Ritchie and Paris Hilton look-alikes. Which tells you only so much.

  17. astrologer    Sun Feb 18, 10:08 PM #  

    From left to right: Scorpio, Virgo, and Sagitarius.