Wednesday February 7, 2007

Frank Gehry proposed New World Symphony building

Frank Gehry's New World Symphony building

The crappy scan of the Frank Gehry building got some attention, so I e-mailed NWS for a digital copy, and here it is (click it for a screen-filling full sized version). It’s obvious now what’s going on — the rendering isn’t true to color, and the newspaper reproduction obscured the building’s most interesting features: an internal atrium that allows those inside and out to see the performance spaces and rehersal rooms (according to the Bloomberg article).

I recently attended a Musicians Forum that included a recording of an internet feed from video confrencing between some NWS musicians and a Chicago-based contemporary composer. The new building will be wired to make those sorts of interactions an everyday thing.

I had major trouble figuring out where exactly this building will sit, and how the picture above orients to the world. After a phone call to NWS and some quiet time clicking back and forth between the photo and the map, I think I’ve got it. Picture yourself standing in front of the current Lincoln Theater. Now walk down Drexel avenue, around the side of the theater, and behind. Keep going about halfway down the block. Now turn back around the way you came, and you’re just about at the vantage point of the rendering. The glass facade of the building faces east, and the viewer is facing Northwest. The building sits on what is currently a big parking lot, and which will, when it’s all finished, contain a garage, this building, and a new park. What I can’t seem to figure out is why 100% of the cars in the rendering are German.

Anyway, viewed in this light, and with a bit of imagination and optimism, I think this building is going to be suitably spectacular.

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  1. Manuel A. Tellechea    Wed Feb 7, 06:46 PM #  

    If you put a few columns on the fascade of the garage it will likely be mistaken for the symphony and the symphony for the garage.

  2. dreaming    Thu Feb 8, 09:37 AM #  

    im all for a new frank gehry building, but what i dont get is why the nws doesnt just take over the carnival center and become the house orchestra there. im sure miami has room for two symphonies, i suppose, but it doesnt have them right now. of course, once people figure out the parking nightmare of downtown, the carnival center may become miami’s biggest white elephant.