Wednesday February 7, 2007

Bronze bandit

Stolen plaque

Here’s the shocking video of the bronze bandit. Except that I don’t see him stealing anything… looks like he tries to open a door, then makes a cell phone call. Still great, though — some guy wandering around the city stealing (fairly worthless) bronze plaques and lettering. Maybe it’s all for an art project?


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  1. Tere    Wed Feb 7, 09:47 AM #  

    This is the kind of stuff the Coral Gables blog lives for… posted about it earlier this morning…

  2. circuitmouse    Thu Feb 8, 06:35 PM #  

    It so happens thanks to the construction boom in China (!) that scrap metals such as bronze and brass are in great demand… a homeless man got electrocuted trying to strip the wires off of what he mistakenly thought was a ‘dead’ streetlight. And fire hydrants (wouldn’t it be easier to get a REAL job?!?) are being stolen all the time, too.