Thursday February 1, 2007

Why doesn’t the Grove just ditch Miami? I was intrigued by this when I saw the CGGV post, but I, too am feeling too lazy to look more into it. I’m sure it could happen, though: everybody else did it, why not them? Thanks to Alex for at least rounding up a few pertinent links.



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  1. MiamiLawStudent    Fri Feb 2, 03:32 AM #  

    Legally it can happen (I’m 95% sure) but practically it won’t (I’m 99.9% sure). In short, it’s because the County Commissioners have the final say and would never do that to the City of Miami.

    Here’s the process in a nutshell:
    (1) Have a petition form approved by the County (not a problem)
    (2) Have 25% of the electors in the area sign the petition (a problem)
    (3) Have “municipal advisory committee” created (not a problem)
    (4) Talk about what’ll be needed for years and years (this isn’t really necessary but it always the case) (a problem)
    (5) Get approval from a planning board (a huge problem)
    (6) Get approval from the county commissioners (game over)
    (7) Have 51% of the electors in the area vote in favor (salt on wound)

    Here’s yet another problem, so far as I know, there’s still a county moratorium on new incorporations because the most recent incorporators have refused to pay the yearly mitigation fees as they had promised (the fees are designed to offset the revenue losses to the county’s coffers).

    Another thing to keep in mind is that the incorporation process can take more than a decade. Are the Grove residents so pissed that they’re willing to carry on for 10 years?

    Anyway, I’m all about having Miami build up and not into the Everglades but I do side with the Grove NIMBYs on most issues (not highrise at the Grove rail station). I hope Miami grows vertically but pray it doesn’t destroy that special something about the Grove in the process; the thought of having condos as up close and visible at Viscaya as they are at the Barnacle makes me shudder.

  2. MRodriuez    Fri Feb 2, 06:20 PM #  

    Grove residents are righfully insensed at non-Grove Commissioners Sanchez, Gonzalez and Spence-Jones voting to abuse them. Grove taxpayers pay huge taxes to County and City and they get very little in return. Grove is rich enough to pay for its own police, fire and garbage pick-up. They are smart enough to manage themselves.

  3. alesh    Sat Feb 3, 11:33 AM #  


    It sure sounds like it. I guess MLS’ point is that the Grove’s separation would leave the City of Miami in dire straights, and the County Commission wouldn’t do that. I’ve only really scrolled-and-glanced through the conversation at CGGV, but it looked like they were discussing the practicalities of this at great length. I have no idea how feasible it actually is.

  4. Jordan    Sat Feb 3, 03:08 PM #  

    If Coconut Grove is going to incorporate themselves into the City of Coconut Grove (LOVE the name), then they should build a new city hall for the City of Miami. The City of Miami isn’t going to be wanting to spend more money to build a new city hall especially if they know that theirs is in a favorable location in the Grove, with a water view! That would be liking taking candy away from a kid. Or a kid taking away another kid’s candy.

    And here’s a not so novelty concept that has to be realized anyways:

    To save the Grove, the Grove got to save Miami.

    If Miami can stand on its own, beautify itself, and build itself into a nice city, they won’t be so clingy with the Grove since the Grove is a jewel in Miami’s rough.

  5. Grove thoughts    Sat Feb 3, 05:11 PM #  

    True. The Grove residents could advocate for stricter zoning and special laws that protect them and improve their quality of life. Then their property values could continue to increase but the increased taxes could be offset by increased services. Unfortunately, The City of Miami has five (5) commissioners. If 3 or 4 so desire they can screw the Grove. (History repeating itself). They can take the Grove’s money and provide nothing in return. (The Grove’s revenues would be spent elsewhere within the City and the County). In fact, on January 25th, 2007 we saw 3 commissioners do just that. Three (3) commissioners voted against the Grove. We hope at least 1 or 2 commissioners get educated prior to the next vote.

  6. K Carswell    Sun Feb 4, 03:06 AM #  

    We were shocked to see Commissioners Angel Gonzalez, Joe Sanchez and Michelle Spence-Jones vote against the Grove and against Dist 2 on January 25th, 2007. None of those Commissioners represent Dist 2 yet they decided to inferfere in a Dist 2 rezoning matter. Never mind that none of the three Commissioners had graduated from college. Never mind that none of the three understood the item they were deciding. They still voted against the quality of life in the Grove. Those three voted to put three massive high rise towers surrounded on three sides by old line residential neighborhoods. (The developer is Related. Related reputedly bought off several dissenters). No wonder Grove residents want to get rid of the idiots at the City of Miami. We hope for better educated commissioners by Second Reading.

  7. alesh    Sun Feb 4, 09:13 AM #  

    Rebecca Carter has a great article about that vote in this week’s Sun Post. (if the Post’s crapy 90’s-grade content management system didn’t guarantee that that link will go to something else come Thursday it would have been on the main page)(yes, I am going to keep harking on it)

  8. K Carswell    Sun Feb 4, 11:32 AM #  

    Rebecca Wakefield did write an excellent column describing the Mercy rezoning vote. The three non-Grove, non-Dist 2 commissioners who voted to ruin the Grove had no facts to back up their influence driven votes. After all, previously the City’s Zoning Board and the City’s Planning Advisory Board had voted to deny the application to re-zone. Why would the three non-Grove commissioners vote to hurt the residents of the Grove?

    Does anyone think Michelle Spence-Jones’s yes vote had anything to do with the $250,000 she reputedly owes Manny Diaz’s law firm in legal fees? Is not Spence-Jones facing $80,000 in fines from the Florida Election Commission? Does anyone think she was told to vote yes by large campaign contributors? Why would Spence-Jones insult the City’s most properous District? Why didn’t Spence-Jones pay attention to the expert testimony opposing the rezoning?