Thursday February 1, 2007

Spotty food and spotty service at Sushi Siam. I agree, and the Miami location is pretty much the same deal: occasionally great, often frustrating. Update: That link sure did break quickly. Basically, an out-of-town guy gal had a just-so experience having lunch by himself herself at SS. His Her least favorite was the steak teriyaki. [forgive my latent chauvinism.]

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  1. Gus    Thu Feb 1, 10:40 AM #  

    Sorry to hear this. The Sushi Siam on Biscayne next to Soyka is one of my favorite restaurants.

  2. travis    Thu Feb 1, 10:56 AM #  

    yep, i’d have to agree with gus. the sushi siam on biscayne is a step up from the south beach version.

  3. alesh    Thu Feb 1, 11:01 AM #  

    The last time I was there, Gus, they brought out a completely different appetizer from the one we ordered, and when we pointed it out to them they tried to convince us that it was very good and we should keep it. We were able to convince them we didn’t want it, but then our waitress disappeared during the second half of the meal. The food was great.

    At the Lincoln Road location the service has usually been great. The food is also usually great, and on occasion just good. I guess I can’t fault them for that, but there’s something slightly unglamorous about the SoBe one. I’m picking nits, sorry. Maybe it’s overfamiliarity — it used to be sort of a “default” place for me for awhile a couple of years ago.

  4. Manola Blablablanik    Thu Feb 1, 02:27 PM #  

    I had dinner there on Saturday after the symphony and there was nothing to complain about. It was incredibly crowded at the restaurant and all over the place, but the server did not miss a beat. The soup and the ginger duck was delicious. The one on Biscayne is a little more elegant and quieter though.

  5. that guy    Thu Feb 1, 04:15 PM #  

    Siam isn’t bad. I wish they delivered. I’m often too lazy to walk over.

  6. Jane    Thu Feb 1, 10:07 PM #  

    It’s a she, not a he. And there are server issues.

  7. that guy    Thu Feb 1, 10:29 PM #  

    Reboot the server then.

  8. Guv    Fri Feb 2, 09:44 AM #  

    Issues with service on Lincoln Rd.? Impossible! Recently, Sushi Siam substituted skinny round noodles (perhaps rice vermicelli?) for flattened noodles in my favorite SuSai comfort food (Pad Thai). I didn’t complain, because it was still tasty, and because our waitress WAS Miss Swan.

  9. mapache    Fri Feb 2, 10:48 AM #  

    I definitely like the Siam on the beach, great food and great service too, plus since its on Lincoln road its always dinner and a show, the one close to Soyka is very good too. When I started reading this article I really thought you meant the one on Brickell in the four ambassadors next to the Procao restaurant. The sushi Siam there could be one of the worst sushi experiences I have ever had. I would much rather have sushi from Publix than the one at Sushi Siam In the 4 ambassadors. Service and food are horrible, plus the place does not smell good and it does not look clean. On the positive side, it does deliver.