Wednesday January 31, 2007

Volleypalooza: the models of South Beach play volleyball. Will the wonders never cease? Christian wonders (jokingly?) where in the tori anus (.com!) Shulaville is. This reveals it: “Shulaville [is] Sprint’s ceremonial name for Lummus Park.”

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  1. AyQueCaliente    Wed Jan 31, 08:41 AM #  

    I can’t imagine models can even play volleyball. Maybe they should just call it “Watch models jumblies bounce covered in glistening sweat” – ooza. That sounds far more attractive.

  2. alesh    Wed Jan 31, 10:18 AM #  

    It remains to be seen. But I think the problem might be your lack of imagination: models are nothing if not athletic.

  3. Manola Blablablanik    Wed Jan 31, 10:28 AM #  

    I wonder if they will be anorexic or bulimic models. On the one hand, half the players will collapse and on the other, the court will be full of vomit. Yipee!

  4. Alex    Wed Jan 31, 06:46 PM #  

    Nothing if not athletic? Ha! Past renditions of this event have been exactly as ayquecaliente describes. The models avoided the ball as if it was wrapped in bacon. Great eye candy though.

  5. CB    Thu Feb 1, 01:08 AM #  

    some are ok. there used to be a few that were regulars at the south beach courts. and a few years back, non-model ‘ringers’ would play in volleypalooza.

    however, most models are used to balls flying at their faces, how else would they get anywhere in the business?! ;) (stolen/adapted from Clueless)