Wednesday January 31, 2007

Cameo theater

The old Cameo theater, which is no longer Crowbar, is going to be the Cameo theater again. I hope they start having concerts there again.

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  1. I was there    Wed Jan 31, 11:43 AM #  

    The Cameo Theater is a landmark…what good news that it is no longer Crobar!

    To list a few memorable shows in no particular order:

    Ornette Coleman
    Dead Kennedys
    David Byrne
    Butt Hole Surfers
    Bob Dylan
    James Blood Ulmer
    Sonic Youth
    Sun Ra

    I ate pizza with the Ramones in the mezzanine before one of their shows in the 1980s.

  2. alesh    Wed Jan 31, 11:48 AM #  

    Bristol scene in the 90s: Massive Attack and Portishead. Also Digable Planets.

  3. South Beach    Wed Jan 31, 11:50 AM #  

    The Cameo has been taken over by Luis Puig. Puig is the sleazy guy who promotes Space in Miami. Police arrested numerous Space employees several years ago. They were accused of selling drugs. In the club. Many problems. Fights.

    Puig has had numerous clubs that all ending up closing.

  4. j-j    Wed Jan 31, 12:04 PM #  

    I saw Iggy Pop, on the Cameo’s last official concert. I hope they make it back into and turn it into something cool. Imagine an art house cinema, like the BAM. That would be cool.

    Is it tru that Luis Puig owns it,

    alehs: do you have some link to your post? Who are the new owners, I thought it was the city of MB, but I could be wrong

  5. Duran    Wed Jan 31, 12:08 PM #  

    Brazilian Girls are scheduled to play Feb 15. Live concerts might be part of Cameo’s future.

  6. Manola Blablablanik    Wed Jan 31, 12:26 PM #  


    I used to go dancing there and at Kitchen Club.

  7. Duran    Wed Jan 31, 12:39 PM #  

    j-j the new owner isn’t the city. I believe it is Puig. Downstair will be a mega-club (similar to crobar) which will be called Cameo and upstairs will be a separate rock club called Vice, similar to Rokbar.

  8. Giovanni    Wed Jan 31, 12:58 PM #  

    Duran is right regarding the owner and the venues plans. Also, Brazilian Girls are playing @ Mansion on 2/15.

  9. Lesley Abravanel    Wed Jan 31, 01:38 PM #  

    David Grutman is one of the partners. Owners are still Cal and Kenny of Crobar fame. Two separate clubs within one space a la Snatch/Suite. Cameo downstairs, Vice upstairs. Only time will tell..

  10. Lesley Abravanel    Wed Jan 31, 01:40 PM #  

    Ah and I fondly remember the Massive Attack and Portishead concerts there. That was how it should be. I also remember Disco Inferno, when I was a wee college student at UM and used to dance Sunday nights into Monday mornings and then go to my English classes and fall asleep. Those were, indeed, the days!! Sigh.

  11. Duran    Wed Jan 31, 02:12 PM #  

    Giovanni their Web site says Cameo, check it

  12. P Skirkanich    Thu Feb 1, 09:44 AM #  

    True, sleazy Luis Puig is pulling the strings. Cal and Kenny not the operators any more.

    Police and ATF will be watching for undeage boys.

    Lesley, you obviously stayed awake enough. Great column.

  13. mapache    Fri Feb 2, 11:08 AM #  

    I am sooo happy crobar is gone, that was one big shithole….. For no reason whatsoever one night when I was there with my friends, I went to the restroom and I got the shit kicked out of me by the bouncers and thrown outside. The cowards attacked me from behind too. My jacket, wallet and cel phone were at the table so I had to wait till one of my friends realized that I was missing and came looking for me. I literally sat on the curb outside till 4 am.

  14. voltaire    Fri Feb 2, 11:16 AM #  

    Examine License number BEV2301330 – CROBAR AT THE CAMEO – 1445 WASHINGTON LIMITED PRTNSHP at the Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco Active Quota Licenses listings, Jan 2007.

    It’s owned by Cavity Kenny Smith who’s trying to shake off the crobar stink by reverting back to the Cameo name, having Puig and Grutman front.

  15. PSkirkanich    Fri Feb 2, 06:13 PM #  

    Sleazy Luis Puig pulls the strings and takes the money…

    Expect more steriod pumped up aggressive bouncers. And the usual fights…

  16. J Bermudez    Sat Feb 3, 10:51 AM #  

    Deadbeat Luis Puig is probably leasing the liquor license. Expect more problems. And another change.

  17. besmirched    Thu Feb 8, 02:33 PM #  

    Too many great concerts to mention, but I will anyway. In no particular order…
    1) The Pixies (had seen Frank Black walking around on Washington just a few hours earlier)
    2) Fishbone with Primus opening. Primus rocked so hard nobody had any energy left for Fishbone
    3) Descendents with Rollins opening
    4) Descendents by themselves (or maybe I missed the opening)
    5) Beastie Boys (god I was stoned for this one)
    6) Steel Pulse, the Wailers, Burning Spear, etc. etc.

  18. I was there    Thu Feb 8, 08:00 PM #  

    Oh Yeah besmirched! Great List.

    Better yet Pere Ubu opened for the Pixies, and I ate pizza with the leader singer Dave Thomas in Pucci’s Pizza before the show. He kept asking me where all the alligators were?!

    I remember the Pixies could not play one entire song straight through with fucking it up.

  19. J-J    Fri Feb 9, 11:10 AM #  

    Question: The Jackie Gleason is set to become the new “Filmore Miami Beach at the Jackie Gleason”
    I read that they are set to bring back live music to the beach, do you guys think that there’s a chance of the Filmore bringing back some quality acts? I sure hope so.

    At least I think that we have a better chance with the Gleason than with the Cameo- which I’m afraid is set to be reincarnated as a standard south beach club.

  20. alesh    Fri Feb 9, 11:18 AM #  

    I’d think they’d attract completely different sorts of acts, J-J. And (crossing fingers) maybe the Filmore MB will lure some of the people that currently are playing the Hard Rock in Hollywood.

  21. besmirched    Fri Feb 9, 01:47 PM #  

    Is it just me, or does anybody else resent having to go to Mizner, Sound Advice, or BankAtlantic for a good concert?
    It seems like none of the acts that I would be interested in seeing come down to Dade County anymore.
    The only ones that come all the way down are the acts that appeal to teenyboppers(timberlake, aguilera, etc.), latin community(shakira, mana, etc.) or octogenarians(billy joel)...
    For the Pixies reunion I had to go to Mizner. Ditto for White Stripes.
    All I’m saying, it just sucks having to go way up there and all the way back…
    Can I get an amen?

  22. I was there    Fri Feb 9, 02:55 PM #  

    Thankful Studio A is bring interesting acts further south.

    Deerhoof will play soon.
    This is good news.

    It’s sad but we have to travel to hear good music, but its the nature of our geographical location/seclusion.

    It makes it more of a challenge.

  23. alesh    Fri Feb 9, 03:43 PM #  

    I second ‘amen.’

    But a lot of the stuff I’d want to see only makes it as close as Atlanta. Take Yo La Tengo, which just played their first S. Fla set in 22 YEARS.

    Studio A is great, and I really think it IS down to having a great venue. Broward happens to have Revolution and the Hard Rock, both of which have gotten really good at pulling in certain types of acts.

  24. mkh    Sat Feb 10, 08:30 AM #  

    Hey, The Residents have never made it as close as Atlanta, okay?

  25. besmirched    Sat Feb 10, 11:05 AM #  

    Bank United Center (or Convocation center) is building up quite a nice little resume though.
    Coldplay a while back, now Snow Patrol. Not bad at all. Not too keen on the acoustics though…
    It seems we can’t get the balance right.
    Case in point.
    James L, Knight center…excellent acoustics and sightlines, but no vibe.
    Gusman theatre…visually stunning, excellent acoustics, but a less than ideal location (esp at night) to say the least.
    Ingredients to a good venue:
    1) excellent acoustics
    2) good sightlines
    3) good vibrations
    Solution: bring back the Hollywood Sportatorium!!!Hahaha. Just kidding.

  26. South Beach regular    Sat Feb 10, 12:38 PM #  

    I hear Crobar/Cameo main floor is all VIP tables. Sleazy promotor Luis Puig only wants to sell bottles to drunk tourists. Forget the concerts. Cameo is for dodging frat boys.