Friday January 26, 2007

To Live & Shave in L.A’s new album got an 8.0 on Pitchfork. (One half of TLASILA is our own Rat Bastard.)



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  1. Duran    Fri Jan 26, 01:05 PM #  

    wow and those guys at Pitchfork hate everything.

  2. Dan    Fri Jan 26, 03:17 PM #  

    Eek. I’ll avoid that. I find TLASILA to be more or less unlistenable, though Rat Bastard’s contributions to the local music scene are, in a word, incalculable.

  3. alesh    Fri Jan 26, 04:16 PM #  

    The review suggests that this particular TLASILA album is much less unlistenable then their previous work, Dan Sweeney!

    BTW, I’m reading City Link RIGHT NOW!!!

  4. Dan    Fri Jan 26, 05:21 PM #  

    You go, alesh! (I’ll have a column in next week’s issue — coincidentally, a roundup of local CD reviews).

    I reviewed TLASILA’s last album rather harshly, as I recall, and it generated a long, angry letter by a guy who said I was “too old” to understand noise-rock, and that “a whole generation has grown up on Sonic Youth.”

    I didn’t have the heart to add an editorial note explaining I was five years old when Sonic Youth’s first album came out.

    For the record, I love S.Y. (Daydream Nation could be the best album of the ’80s, and it’s certainly in the top 10), but they incorporated a lot of elements that the more avant garde noise acts (such as TLASILA) avoided — like, you know, melody.

    Maybe I will have to check out this new release, if the band’s broadening its sound — or sharpening its sound, I suppose would be more accurate.

    Of course, one of the basic conventional wisdoms of this whole genre is that it’s more or less impervious to critique (something that probably sits real well with Tom Smith), so what the hey.

  5. alesh    Fri Jan 26, 06:04 PM #  

    That’s correct Dan Sweeney! The first Velvet Underground album was released with a collection press quotes, all negative, and the VU’s noise descendants have taken that as a starting point!! They don’t just not care what you think, they prefer you to dislike them!! It’s a very particular set of circumstances that predisposes one to this stuff, and age is but one node!

    None of which to say that a healthy percentage of it isn’t crap! Then again, I never got into Daydream Nation, but I love the LRS’s, so go figure, right!

    You’re also correct in that Kristol’s name is spelled with a ‘K,’ but I still claim that hist firstname has two ‘L’s!

    Rock on!!