Thursday January 25, 2007

NWS Frank Ghery bldg

A rendering of the proposed Frank Gehry building for the New World Symphony. No idea where Verticus got it. Read more about the plans at Bloomberg and at the Herald.

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  1. Alex    Thu Jan 25, 02:19 PM #  

    Maybe he scanned it from the printed version of the Herald? I’m sure I saw it there.

  2. alesh    Thu Jan 25, 02:21 PM #  

    That explains it. The herald must have run out of money and so wasn’t able to post the picture with the online version.

  3. Richard Hartz    Sat Jan 27, 12:56 AM #  

    Looks pretty uninspiring from here.

  4. Alex    Sat Jan 27, 11:40 AM #  

    Gehry has said that all his titanium-skin origami will be on the inside. The outside structure will be like a transparent box.

  5. Ken Kurtz    Sun Feb 4, 07:13 PM #  

    I just don’t understand Gehry’s popularity. Why should a concert hall look like a wind-blown pile of empty cardboard boxes?