Wednesday January 24, 2007

101 things to do in South Florida. #2: See Manatees in the Wild. #47: Jai-Alai. #85: Palacio de los Jugos. Great list. Update: Let’s play ‘what’d they miss?’



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  1. Gus    Wed Jan 24, 05:12 PM #  

    Alesh, thanks for mentioning our list.

    It was the comments by Colorado Congressman, Tom Tancredo, that got me fired up.

    It’s true, Miami has some unorthodox customs, but it’s our quirkiness that makes us special.

  2. travis    Thu Jan 25, 11:40 AM #  

    i DO NOT see jimbos on this list(obviously)! i take everyone new to miami to jimbos. canned beer, bocce ball and beaches. i am easily pleased and so are my friends…

  3. alesh    Thu Jan 25, 12:02 PM #  

    What’d they miss? == Fun!

    I’d say Tap-Tap.

  4. Blingtown    Thu Jan 25, 01:49 PM #  

    Great list. The boating emphasis is right on. Getting access to a boat here changes everything for the better.

    Another omission:
    I am not sure if sitting on one’s duff at Zeke’s while taking a world tour via the beer list & passers-by counts as an activity, but it should.