Tuesday January 23, 2007

building guts

Guv says: Attached is a photo I took Saturday with my cell phone, during a beach bike-ride, of one of the (many) buildings along Miami Beach that is being torn down for new construction. I like the way the guts of the building are suspended mid-crumble.

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  1. Jonathan    Tue Jan 23, 10:50 AM #  

    This is an extremely cool photo.

  2. cohen    Tue Jan 23, 12:17 PM #  

    where is this….

  3. Manola Blablablanik    Tue Jan 23, 12:38 PM #  

    I think that might be the old Holiday Inn off Collins & 23rd. Very cool photo! Looks very dangerous, like a puff of wind would make it topple down.

  4. mapache    Tue Jan 23, 04:04 PM #  

    it’s more around collins and 50th. around where the sovereign hotel is. It is one heck of a pic.
    Thanks to the Guv for sharing.

  5. Blingtown    Tue Jan 23, 04:44 PM #  

    Too cool. It looks like it is mid-implosion.

  6. guv    Tue Jan 23, 06:16 PM #  

    Glad you liked it!

  7. alesh    Tue Jan 23, 10:21 PM #  

    Kristin, aka Guv, sends in another one, of the same building.