Saturday January 20, 2007

The University of Miami has to get permission from the City of Coral Gables Planning and Zoning Board to build anything of significance on campus. However, the board has refused to approve anything since 2004. Most recently at a January 10th meeting, the university’s 25 projects were unanimously rejected.

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  1. Manuel A. Tellechea    Sat Jan 20, 03:38 PM #  

    Then build extensions elsewhere.

  2. alesh    Sat Jan 20, 04:05 PM #  

    Well that was easy! I’ll call them up and suggest that, Manuel. I’m sure they’ll be grateful.

    Be serious. Where else are they going to find that much land in a convenient location? And why should they have to? The city is preventing them from building on land they already own. It’s a goddamned university campus; why shouldn’t the university do what it needs to do with the land??

  3. Manuel A. Tellechea    Sat Jan 20, 06:37 PM #  

    Alesh (Winner of the 2007 Prix Tellechea for Blogging and envy of the Miami blogosphere):

    Yes, sometimes complex problems have simple solutions.

    Here’s another suggestion: Why not move the school to Miami, Ohio? Then it wouldn’t even have to change its name.

    BTW, are you aware that you are being insulted on another blog? Don’t sit on your laurels, especially that very large and magnificent Prix Tellechea.

    What, you haven’t received it?

    Maybe that’s because you never acknowledged it.

  4. Christian Calzadillas    Sat Jan 20, 07:52 PM #  

    zOMG ALESH!! People on the innernets are insulting you!!!111one1!!ONE
    OH NOSE!

  5. alesh    Sun Jan 21, 01:28 AM #  

    Oh, SHIT! Not people on teh internets inlsuting me?!

    worst thing eVAR is that these here internets are too big for me to check them all, so if somebody is saying something unrighteous about me ill need you deer readerz to point me in their direction.


    Maybe a URL or something? Also, maybe they should just move their school to the moon, right? I can understand not being sympathetic to UM’s problems.

    Christian~ It’s a good thing they hve the zOMG internets to hide behind otherwise id unno what id o to them.

  6. Manola Blablablanik    Sun Jan 21, 02:10 PM #  

    I don’t understand why UM can’t build on its own property in CG. I also don’t get the parking/traffic thing, either. The school however is surrounded by pricey residential area, so maybe some fuckwads are impeding the building.

  7. Manuel A. Tellechea    Sun Jan 21, 04:06 PM #  

    <i>Prix Tellechea</i> Laureate Alesh:

    Here is the critical passage:

    “Finally, that comment you made about I must be wrong because Alesh thought [I was] out of control, makes me laugh. Alesh wouldn’t know ‘out of control’ if it ran over him on Washington Avenue.”

    I really don’t know how to interpret Rick’s remark. Does he mean that you are always out of control, or does he mean that you are so tightly-wound and anal retentive that a car could run you over without you ever noticing?

    And what is the significance of Washington Ave.? Is it known for anything in particular that could further refine his meaning?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

  8. You May Call Me Manuel    Sun Jan 21, 05:56 PM #  

    Manny, two questions:

    1. Why are you using prix instead of premio. Everyone knows Spanish is a far superior language than French.

    2. Does your prize come with a swag? And why are you awarding a Czech Miami blogger with a beard? I feel slighted; one would think a Cubana with a big ass would be worthy of such an award.

  9. Manuel A. Tellechea    Sun Jan 21, 07:14 PM #  

    Nolly, two answers:

    1. Yes, Spanish is an infinitely superior language than French. However, I do not expect Alesh, as a Czech, to understand Spanish; but all educated Czechs also speak French.

    2. The prize is not for the best Cuban blog, but for the best Miami blog. Alesh won the award for vindicating my character when it was attacked by Rick and Alex. The Czechs, as you know, are our best friends in the world. They are always coming to the defense of the beleaguered Cuban people.

    I will shortly be bestowing the Premio José Martí 2007 for the best Cuban blog. You are certainly in contention. Your “big ass” cannot be considered in my deliberations since I have never seen it, but rest assured that your obvious appreciation of this honor will count heavily with me.

  10. Jonathan    Mon Jan 22, 12:57 AM #  

    Why ask why.

  11. Steve    Wed Jan 24, 09:56 PM #  

    How about this: tear down that hulking, reeking monstrosity called the Orange Bowl and build whatever they want right there. It would revitalize the neighborhood, as well as open up a valuable chunk of real estate for something a whole lot more useful than college football. Disband the team, too, and focus on education, not training thugs, criminals, and young cripples.

  12. alesh    Wed Jan 24, 10:36 PM #  

    Manuel~ It’s true. However, I came over too young. I’m Czech, and I’m educated (to some extent), but I’m not really an “educated Czech.” Hence, I’m bilingual, not trilingual. (although working on my spanish)

    Steve~ Here’s UM’s campus. Does it really look like they’re actually low on space? No. Just the City’s blocking what to an outsider sound like pretty reasonable permit requests.

  13. Manuel A. Tellechea    Thu Jan 25, 12:16 AM #  


    Get a Cuban girlfriend and you’ll pick up Spanish as if by magic.

  14. madeindade    Thu Jan 25, 08:15 AM #  

    UM has done an awful job of campus planning, particularly in its policy of providing everyone parking directly on campus. Most urban universities limit or actively discourage driving to campus, but UM encourages it, which is particularly shameful since thay have a metro station on site…

  15. John    Thu Jan 25, 11:19 AM #  


    Training thugs?! Good lord, get off the bandwagon. By thugs, I’m assuming you mean black people, right?

    And by having a Nationally recognized football team, UM draws money and attention most schools its size only dream of. As a midwestern transport who now works at UM, believe me, when I was growing up hearing about UM, I thought it was a state school like any of the other football powerhouses.

    If you’d like to sit in on some of my graduate courses, perhaps you’ll come out with a better idea of thuggery, but I kind of doubt it.

  16. Steve    Thu Jan 25, 12:55 PM #  

    “By thugs, I’m assuming you mean black people, right?”

    John: I’ll take you at your word that that’s what you’re “assuming,” as you put it, but in fact by “thugs” I did NOT mean “black people.” I meant it in a literal sense: louts, hired muscle, roughnecks, goons, etc. Last I looked they come in all sizes, races, colors, etc. Thanks for thinking so poorly of somebody you never met, though. It’s revealing.

    If you’d like to sit in on some of my graduate courses, perhaps you’ll come out with a better idea of thuggery, but I kind of doubt it.”

    You teach courses in thuggery at the graduate level? Are those thugs in uniform graduate students? I don’t know a lot about college sports, but somewhere I think I picked up that it’s for undergrduates, even if they’re 25 years old. Maybe you could clarify that for us.

    I also thought (until I moved to south Florida) that UM was in Miami. Now I understand that it’s (a) not in Miami and (b) just barely a university. But I can see how many people, among them midwesterners, might look at it in awe for its football prowess, as opposed to those of us from the northeast who labor under the old fashioned conceit that the mission of a university is to educate, and that resources devoted elsewhere are misallocations.

  17. Manola Blablablanik    Thu Jan 25, 01:12 PM #  

    I don’t know about thuggery but I studied buggery at the graduate level.

  18. mkh    Thu Jan 25, 01:16 PM #  

    Did you graduate summa cum laude, Manola?

  19. John    Thu Jan 25, 01:40 PM #  


    Graduate students do in fact play football, especially if they’ve redshirted.

    Next, I don’t teach, I attend classes. You said in your post that UM trained thugs. (“not training thugs”). That’s your premise, I was just responding to how absurd it was.

    The “thugs” that you referred to just happen to all be black by the way. If I call a group of people criminals, or another degrading name, and they are all black, what would you think of me?

    I work in University Administration, and you obviously know very little about how a University is run. Things are constantly appropriated to other areas if the return is a profit that can then be devoted to education. UM’s football team has put more money into education than they ever could have had without the team.

    By the way, you’re right, it’s not in “Miami”, but neither are most things associated with Miami, including South Beach. And I could have guessed by your pretentious tone that you’re from the Northeast. Academics from that region are always stuck up dickheads.

  20. Steve    Thu Jan 25, 03:35 PM #  

    John: Thanks for the clarification about graduate students. Next, maybe you’ll explain the term “redshirted” which I suspect has nothing to do with clothing or communists.

    If I call a group of people criminals, or another degrading name, and they are all black, what would you think of me?

    If they ARE all criminals, and they ARE all Black, I’d think you were somebody who accurately describes what he sees. If the people I describe as thugs are in fact all Black — an assertion for which I have only yourself as a source — and they ARE all thugs, well, ditto. BTW—are they also all tall? All under 30? All over 200 pounds? These factors are as irrelevant as their race when it comes to my characterization as thugs, just as it would be if I called them all “gentlemen.”

    My understanding is that sports programs in this country, taken as a whole, generate much greater costs than revenues, a contentious issue that has been researched to death: I looked into this some years ago and it’s tiring as hell, as are so many economic discussions. Please feel free to delve into it yourself, if you haven’t already, and share your findings. That doesn’t mean, of course, that it’s true of every individual such program. I’m not convinced that it’s meaningful, though: should a university balance its budget on the revenues earned by as brutish, unfair, and corrupt as its football program? Why not open a chain of sweatshops? Why not buy a diamond mine and employ 9 year olds for pennies a day?

    Other related issues, such as the focus of the school, its diluted mission, the capacity for a university whose highest-salaried employer isn’t a professor,attorney, physician, scientist, etc., to attract first-rate students and faculty, etc., aren’t as easily quantified. Nor can one easily put a number of the cultural costs to the population at large.

    One correction: while I may be a “stuck-up dickhead from that region,” I’m not an academic. Or, for the record, a racist.

  21. John    Fri Jan 26, 11:08 AM #  

    Could’ve fooled me. You still sound like a dickhead and a racist, so we’ll just have to agree to disagree there.

    BTW-You did just compare football, the most popular sport in this country, to sweatshops and child labor. You make a sound argument my friend. If you don’t know the term “redshirt”, I can only assume you’re ignorant of a subject your posting on — you racist dickhead.

    A little lol for myself…

  22. alesh    Fri Jan 26, 11:28 AM #  

    John~ You were on a roll there . . . bummer to see you forfeit the argument.

  23. NicFitKid    Sat Jan 27, 05:34 PM #  

    For those of us who don’t worship in the wake of all things related to college football, here’s the scoop on redshirt, as defined by wikipedia.

    Due to my inherent geekitude, redshirt will always conjure up an image of an Enterprise crewman (classic series) who beams down to the planet with Kirk and Spock only to be zapped by Gorns, or impaled by a giant spear, or to step on an exploding rock. You know, so the writers can show you the situation is serious without killing a major character.

  24. Alex    Sat Jan 27, 05:57 PM #  

    LOL. Redshirt, to me, are the goons who follow Chavez in Venezuela. Which may not be that much of a stretch: brainless, obedient, physical thugs.

  25. mkh    Sun Jan 28, 09:00 AM #  

    Thanks, Nic. I was thinking the same thing as you.

  26. KH    Mon Jan 29, 08:57 AM #  

    Oh, please, please let the UM football team compete in vintage Star Trek uniforms! I’d actually go! And I’m a graduate student in thuggery there, who currently couldn’t be bothered. Right now random merchant-type people say “excited about the game?” to me, and I’m always like—“what the eff are you talking about?”, because of course I have no games on my radar that do not occur on the LCD playing field.

    Also, it occurs to me that the Star Trek uniforms would help me distinguish between the various footbally tasks; the blocking dudes could wear yellow, the quarterback dudes could wear red, and the running dudes could wear blue! Brilliant! Of course, I expect some geekish dispute concerning my uniform assigments.

  27. Steve    Mon Jan 29, 09:05 AM #  

    Very glad — elated, ecstatic! — to see that there are others in South Flori-duh whose opinions of college football are decidedly less than adulatory. As for the Star Trek uniforms, Make It So.

  28. John    Mon Jan 29, 10:45 AM #  

    Alesh- Thanks for the support, but I forfeited nothing. It just became obvious this guy had no idea what he was talking about. He admits he knows nothing about college football, then repeats the same mantra that other non-informed commentators always do.

    There’s a lot of things I don’t like or know about, but I don’t usually highjack a post about city planning to erroneously comment on them.

    BTW-I’m a pro football fan, not college, and I generally find southern florida sports fans to be lame. That said, I get so tired of hearing how “thuggish and brutal” such a thing is. People (especially this Steve clown) seem to think that being a sports fan and enjoying your posts on art on other subjects are somehow mutually exclusive. Anyone that truly learns the game of football knows that only part of any given success is the players ability. The game is truly marked by excellent planning and execution. I mean really, a sport where you have to align your pieces (players) to your advantage before making your move…hmmm, seems a bit like chess to me, only much more exciting.

    But I suppose if I want to hang out with my friends, drink some wine, and discuss books we’ve read, I have to give up football. Looks like a tough choice.

  29. Steve    Mon Jan 29, 11:49 AM #  

    People (especially this Steve clown) seem to think that being a sports fan and enjoying your posts on art on other subjects are somehow mutually exclusive”.

    Don’t know where you cook up these strange theses. I don’t know anybody who thinks anything like this. Personally, I enjoy art, sports, and debates on public policy such as this. Then again, you don’t seem overfond of entertaining insights deeper than your own acne scars, else you’d have a clue about the extent of corruption evident in college athletic programs.

    FWIW, I enjoy watching pro football myself, altho because I’m a baseball fan, I don’t see much until half way through the season. What you say about football and chess I think more aptly applies to baseball.

    None of this has anything to do with the corrosive effects of college-level sports. The NFL should operate its own minor leagues, not rely on universities or the military, and let college campuses fulfill their educational missions undistracted by such crap.

  30. John    Mon Jan 29, 01:39 PM #  

    And while we’re at it, let’s get rid of on-campus bands, artists, clubs, and other such “activities” that distract from learning. Personally, I was able to fulfill my educational mission while being involved in all types of things.

    You also forget that football is an avenue for many underserved youths to attain a college education that might otherwise be impossible. But you don’t have to worry about that from what you say. Something tells me you weren’t in the same situation.

    “should a university balance its budget on the revenues earned by as brutish, unfair, and corrupt as its football program? Why not open a chain of sweatshops? Why not buy a diamond mine and employ 9 year olds for pennies a day?”

    Boy, for calling yourself a football fan, i’m surprised by your critique above. You still haven’t responded to the fact that you compared college football giving educational opportunities to child labor, in which I’m guessing the same benefits do not apply. I would refer to this, in your words, as a pretty “strange thesis” itself.

    An attack on “acne scars” over the internet does show that you are certainly well versed in policy debates. I’m also not sure how you reach the conclusion that I don’t examine insights deeper than my own. Do you know what books I’ve read, articles I’ve read, interviews I’ve heard, or SEEN FIRSTHAND AT MY JOB?! I thought not.

  31. Steve    Mon Jan 29, 04:00 PM #  

    John boy: Your arguments are so flimsy, logic so flawed, and writing so vague it’s difficult to know how to respond.

    You accuse me of making assumptions about you, yet you have no hesitation about commiting the same act, e.g.,“Something tells me you weren’t in the same situation.”

    (Just for the record, that’s wrong. I attended graudate school only because I earned a teaching fellowship. Not in football.)

    The sweatshop comparison was only to illustrate that earning money for the university per se does not justify the practice; that there are prima facie reasons not to engage. Some of these reasons are moral in nature.

    Rather than make genuine attempts to extend educational opportunities to underserved youth, universities offer athletic scholarships that discourage real classroom study in favor of fundraising, a/k/a competitive sports. That’s how athletes “graduate” incapable of reading. It also breeds diploma mills such as the University High School racket exposed last year by the Miami Hurled.

    Finally: “I’m also not sure how you reach the conclusion that I don’t examine insights deeper than my own. Do you know what books I’ve read, articles I’ve read, interviews I’ve heard, or SEEN FIRSTHAND AT MY JOB?! I thought not”.

    Of course I know all this, John boy. I’m your father. Write back soon.

  32. John    Mon Jan 29, 04:40 PM #  

    Yes, you’re my father…quite the graduate school trained comeback I expected.

    You’ve explained your sweat shop analogy, and it’s still stupid as shit.

    I’m not talking about graduate school and your teaching fellowship by the way, I’m talking about your undergraduate education.

    I’m just going to continue to be vague to confuse you I suppose. You just roll up to some UM football players one day and make your original “thugs” comment, or better yet, any primarily black neighborhood that has been referred to as “thugs” for their entire lives, and see how it works out for you.

    Suffice to say you sound like the type of guy that is a blast to be around. Enjoy your graduate work down here. If it’s not at UM in Southern Florida, I shudder to think what “diploma mill” will be issuing your credentials.

  33. Steve    Mon Jan 29, 06:19 PM #  

    Johnny: I see now why you’re so protective of college athletics: you yourself are an accomplished false conclusion jumper, possibly Olympic level. (I oppose the Olympics, too, by the way, except for the Special Olympics.) Out of whose ass did you pull the idea that I’m a graduate student?

    Spend less time in front of the teevee set watching football, and explore a book. Your capacity for processinbg information is sadly deficient.

    This will be my final comment on this, so the last word is certainly yours, if want it.

  34. John    Tue Jan 30, 01:56 PM #  

    My final comment is that your still a tool, and if you’d like to meet for a beer sometime (away from my teevee) then I’ll say the same to your face.