Thursday January 18, 2007

The Houses of Morningside

Click picture for photoset.

Morningside was founded in the early 1920s by James H. Nunnally, a candy baron(!) who, according to local lore (OK, I talked to a guy walking his dog) would take folks up from downtown on a boat, smoke cigars with them, and sell them houses in what was a premium community even then (original price for a bayfront house: $13,000). More history here and here. The houses are the usual mix of Mediterranean Revival, Art Deco, and 1960’s suburban sprawl. It’s surrounded on three sides by much poorer neighborhoods, so much so that you can see the boundary on the google map, and it’s been gated/walled in for awhile.

I’d originally meant to photograph up and down Biscayne in this area, but once I wandered into this neighborhood, I was hooked. The Houses or Morningside photoset has commentary with each of the houses. Look for Nunnally’s house, plus three model houses that he had built to show off the style he intended for the neighborhod. On the map, the three model houses are grouped together on the little triangular wedge between 57th and 58th streets.

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  1. Tere    Thu Jan 18, 10:08 AM #  

    Round walls, towers, renaissance courts, lots of windows, slightly run-down: it’s all I’ve ever dreamed of in a house!

    So glad you shared – I love the houses in this area.

  2. l'elk maĆ®tre!    Thu Jan 18, 10:33 AM #  

    morningside has THEE BEST garage sales! if you ever have the time to wander around there on a saturday, keep an eye out!

  3. f-this town    Fri Jan 26, 05:49 AM #  

    Is it true that Bonnie Clearwater is against everthing that doesn’t fit her personal criteria such as agendas? Comments such as “ I like Art that reminds me of a world that I want to live in” could that be Morningside Art ? Could that be Utopian humanistic visions of plush puppies, daiseys and summer (not) breezes over porch swing-sets for two ? This town is in need of a new MOCA Director. “We The People” think… hey Labour Union, lets overthrow the Monarchy and establish a new critierion… yeh whatever; most artists are all a bunch of arm-chair-sit-at-home talk-big-act-small-do-nothing-chill-out-bitches. Morningside is an unattainable dream. Bonnie can afford it now though…