Thursday January 18, 2007

The bad news: Lincoln Road Cafe, a Cuban restaurant that I always enjoyed, is closed. The good news: it’s now a German restaurant! Hofbräu München, which sounds great. This is very good, since Edelweiss is apparently permanently closed. (via Rick)

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  1. Guv    Thu Jan 18, 03:15 PM #  

    And the weird thing is that the transformation happened/seemed to happen overnight. Anyone try it yet? I am wary to venture in before hearing a positive review, after a frightening experience at Dab Haus post-German ownership, and pre-coverstion to the the new Turkish name/menu.

  2. alesh    Thu Jan 18, 04:19 PM #  

    Maybe it’s the same owners, and they just wanted to try something new. The writeup says they have Latin cuisine, too.

  3. grog argh    Thu Jan 18, 04:28 PM #  

    Thank Goodness!!

    No offense to Cubans, as I do enjoy the food, but we have more than enough Cuban joints. The day Versailles, every La Carreta, and every Latin American Cafeteria closes, you will be in your right to stage riots. Until that day…

    This is exactly what Miami needs – MORE DIVERSITY with respect to cuisine!

  4. alesh    Thu Jan 18, 04:57 PM #  

    I agree w/r/t diversity, and we sure do need a german restaurant. I always liked Lincoln Road Cafe, tho. I guess David’s II is around the corner. Never been there.

  5. Alex    Thu Jan 18, 05:27 PM #  

    I much prefer David’s to LRC. No loss here.

    I used to go to Edelweiss every Sunday night to have some beer, some sausages and watch The Sproanos on the second floor.

  6. Jonathan    Thu Jan 18, 10:19 PM #  

    I don’t know if this change represents an improvement. German food, like German humor, is no laughing matter.

  7. mae    Fri Jan 19, 11:22 PM #  

    Funny- I was there on the last day, before it changed into a Cuban Resturant. They had the German menu up. I asked where I was, if this was Lincoln Road Cafe and the guy said, this is the last day. I asked him if he was happy and he said, “change is good.” I said, “Oh, I’m kinda sad. This place has been here forever,” and he said, “yeah, everyone used to come here to get their coffee and sandwiches. It is sad” I think that someone new bought it a little while ago, slowly made improvements with the goal of changing it over. Bummer.