Wednesday January 17, 2007

God's view

(photo by miami fever, formerly Incredibly Smooth Blondie) This photo was taken with a special lens, which allows the sharp focus line you see from the upper left to the lower right, while twisting everything else out of focus. This happens naturally at close focal lengths, which is why this effect makes everything look like a toy (or a model).

You’re getting the American Airlines Arena, part of Bayside, and, in the lower right, part of the amphitheater. Compare the google maps view. Possibly taken from this building. See also this shot, possibly more interesting, but less place-obvious.

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  1. jordan    Thu Jan 18, 03:14 AM #  

    Gods view has become a head hung over a porcelian goddess.

  2. whocares    Thu Jan 18, 11:12 AM #  

    i thought that this was the effect of bent bellows on a large format camera.
    how would a lens do this? i guess some fish-eye bend and some other sort of thing would do it…i dunno.
    it’s not a very hot picture anyway…you avea better view than “god” most other times.

  3. alesh    Thu Jan 18, 12:10 PM #  

    click the “a special lens” link in the post, dude. yes, it works on the same principle as a view camera.

  4. Miami Fever    Thu Jan 18, 03:17 PM #  

    Thanks for the plug, Alesh!

    A large format camera is a bit more versatile because you can shift and tilt the front and rear standards.

    This tilt shift lens gives you the ability to shifting and tilting the front standard on a 35mm camera like the Canon 5D, but you obviously won’t be able to shift the rear standard (sensor).

    I took these pics from the top floor of the Wachovia tower, which was recently made into a smoker’s lounge called the “Havana club”.

    These two pics came out better, IMO: