Monday January 15, 2007

WOW! How much did this cost? Looks nice, can me and a couple hundred of my homeless friends live in it?” Don’t miss the video.

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  1. NicFitKid    Mon Jan 15, 12:46 PM #  

    That was awesome! But the story about the Miami police officers hassling the artist and telling him he wasn’t making art made me mad. Who knew that, in addition to its other duties, Miami PD was also the Art Police?

  2. alesh    Mon Jan 15, 03:38 PM #  

    I love that shit, when they pull a “we’re not exactly sure what law this breaks, but we’re damned sure you’re not allowed to do it.”

  3. FER    Tue Jan 16, 08:01 PM #  

    What kind of equipment do you need to project an image at such a long distance?