Monday January 15, 2007

January arthop

at Locust

Um, I was [what’s the opposite of meticulous?] about getting the names of artists Saturday. No big deal — somebody will set me straight soon, so check back in a few days and I’ll have them all. Until then [That was quick.] This is by Jen Stark [thanks, KH], in the group show at Locust (see here for links to most of the galleries). It is what it is: a color vortex cut straight out of the wall.

Kerry Phillips at Locust

Kerry Phillips’ installation at Locust.

Vicenta CasaƱ at Diana Lowenstein

Vicenta CasaƱ‘s photoshopped images work a little better in theory then in practice, but I loved them anyway. At Diana Lowenstein.

at University of Miami project space

Brent Cole [thanks, bp], at University of Miami project space. A suitcase containing two Miami swimming pools and the sky.

Arnold Mesches at Dorsch

Arnold Mesches kicking ass at Dorsch. My glare? Not so much.

Georges Rousse

That’s my man Georges Rousse, folks. Very odd to stumble randomly on to a show of his work.

Georges Rousse

Same guy, video installation. A video camera mounted above where I was standing live-feeds to a nearby projection.

That’s about it for the work. A few more pictures, mostly of people, at the flickr.


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  1. bp    Mon Jan 15, 10:25 AM #  

    The UM artist is Brent Cole. He’s a professor in hot glass.

  2. KH    Mon Jan 15, 12:01 PM #  

    Hole in the wall at top: Jen Stark.

  3. harumi    Mon Jan 15, 07:13 PM #  

    arnold mesches’s show at dorsch was wonderful. I think it was one of the best show I’ve seen there. every painter in miami should see them. his work pump me up without carlos’s video:)