Tuesday January 9, 2007


Barcamp Miami

Cool! BarCamp is happening in Miami. Very exiting. That’s a link to a blog, which has preliminary information and links; link to the wiki page. For some idea of what this is like, see Rules of BarCamp. More here.

Update: Still confused? Wikipedia to the rescue.

Update: BarCamp Google group.

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  1. Biscayne Bystander    Tue Jan 9, 01:14 PM #  

    Rule #1 of Bar Camp. Nobody talks about Bar Camp.

  2. Tere    Tue Jan 9, 01:20 PM #  

    I went to the rules page and am now MORE confused than I was before I clicked it. That’s so friggin’ vague, or maybe I’m too thick to get it.

    So you just show up and babble about whatever the hell you want to?

  3. alesh    Tue Jan 9, 01:21 PM #  

    From my understanding you put yourself on a schedule. I’m picturing a whiteboard.

  4. that guy    Tue Jan 9, 02:16 PM #  

    Shit, I thought this was some sort of nightlife seminar or something where they tell people how not to crash and burn a bar/nightclub in six months.

  5. Rick    Tue Jan 9, 03:45 PM #  


    No make that:

    yawn yawn

  6. Biscayne Bystander    Tue Jan 9, 09:34 PM #  

    Not to be confused with:
    Nick the Dick