Sunday January 7, 2007

An 18-year old guy was freaking out, and his family called the police for help. There is some disagreement as to exactly what the police did to restrain him, but whatever it was it killed him. And Miami Police Chief John Timoney says the officers acted properly. (via LAist)

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  1. Rick    Sun Jan 7, 09:11 PM #  

    Damn if I would ever throw LAist a link for a story they included in a post entitled “1001 Reasons Why LA is Better Than Florida.”


  2. alesh    Sun Jan 7, 09:19 PM #  

    I think it’s sort of hilarious. They really do find some fucked up things. But they’re cheating: LA is a city, Florida is a state.

    I anyone had the time and energy to do a “reasons Miami is better then California” . . . well, it’d just be too easy, right?

  3. blurb    Sun Jan 7, 11:43 PM #  

    and i’ll kill jordon two man

  4. Manuel A. Tellechea    Sun Jan 7, 11:49 PM #  

    Here’s a hint to parents with autistic children. If your kid acts out, don’t call the police unless your own life is in danger and you can reconcile yourself to the loss of your child.

    Autistic children, of course, do not obey the police because they don’t know that they are suppose to obey them. Instead, they are likely to hit them; try to grab their gun or otherwise trigger their defensive (offensive?) reflexes. The police will treat your kid like any other teenage “punk.” Often this means excessive force and sometimes it means death, as in this tragic case.

  5. alesh    Sun Jan 7, 11:55 PM #  

    Well, I guess he was attacking his mom . . .

    What really gets me, though, is that three police can’t restrain a dude without causing him serious injury, and our police chief, at least as the paper reports it, doesn’t see a problem.

  6. Cuban Democrat    Mon Jan 8, 11:36 AM #  

    This reminds me of a story a couple of years ago. My friend’s neighbor, in the Miller and 87th area, called police cause their mentally ill son was out of control. The police eventually killed him. I know the family was pursuing a lawsuit but don’t know how that ended.