Sunday January 7, 2007

Radio and TV Marti is now broadcasting in Miami, and DeFede is not happy.

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  1. Manuel A. Tellechea    Sun Jan 7, 12:06 PM #  

    Radio Free Europe, which was established to combat Communism there, is still on the air despite the fact that all of Europe is now free. Yet DeFede sees nothing wrong with that expenditure.

    Communism is still very much alive in Cuba and Radio and TV Martí provide the only effective counterpoint to it. It is true that TV Martí is successfully jammed by the regime but Radio Martí is heard throughout the island. Of course, both could be heard crystal clear if the U.S. had the nerve to face down Castro. But it is afraid that if we beam them at full capacity Castro would retaliate by disrupting communications in this country. So, in effect, by succumbing to Castro’s blackmail, we are limiting the effectiveness of Radio and TV Martí ourselves and then complaining about it.

  2. Franklin    Sun Jan 7, 05:14 PM #  

    Communism is still very much alive in Cuba and Radio and TV Martí provide the only effective counterpoint to it.

    Except that the Cubans don’t receive TV Martí or the illegal Radio Martí rebroadcast on Mambi, so by “effective,” Tellechea apparently means “half-assed.” With the benefit of distance, you really see how the cartoon politics of los exilitos are largely concerned with their own entitlement. The US has no material interest in “facing down Castro” or whatever machismo-fueled non-strategy the exile community would like it to pursue. It has a policy towards the island that is designed to do nothing whatsoever except garner South Floridian votes for the current administration. No change in posture will occur as long as it keeps working.

  3. Duran    Sun Jan 7, 05:31 PM #  

    Manuel why should the US face down Castro? Castro has never attacked the US. Castro is a CUBAN problem not an American one. Try to realize that. We already waste enough money Iraq. Then again, if Cuba had a huge oil field, then we would have attacked Castro years ago. Tough luck.

  4. Manuel A. Tellechea    Sun Jan 7, 06:25 PM #  


    Castro claims that the motherload of all oil reserves is sitting off the coast of Cuba. As with everything that Castro says, we must await independent verification. But if true, then there is ample cause for the U.S. to invade Cuba, according to your hypothesis. Personally, I have always opposed U.S. intervention in Cuba.

  5. Manuel A. Tellechea    Sun Jan 7, 06:45 PM #  


    You are quite right. The U.S. is not going to face down Castro. It has never faced down Castro. In fact, the U.S. put him in power and has a vested interest in keeping him in power.

    Better to keep the lid down and suffocate millions rather than take it off and risk the contents splattering on you.

  6. Steve    Sun Jan 7, 08:44 PM #  

    Okay, Manny. I’ll bite. How did the US put the nasty piece of fuckhead in power, and what is the vested interest that the US has to keep him in power? Does it have anything to do with cigars?

    Hope your bandwith holds out, Alesh.

  7. Manuel A. Tellechea    Sun Jan 7, 11:02 PM #  


    Actually, I’m giving short answers today. The Eisenhower administration declared an arms embargo on Batista; refused to recognized the elections held to choose Batista’s successor and informed Batista that he had to go by Jan. 1, 1959. The CIA also provided, through American businessmen in Cuba, the monies which Castro used to bribe Col. Rosell into surrendering the famous armoured train containing all the remaining weaponry in Batista’s arsenal, amassed for one last offensive against the rebels in Santa Clara.

    The vested interest which the U.S. has in keeping Castro in power is to prevent a social explosion on the island that would threaten the entire Eastern coastline of the United States — if you know what I mean. Yes, it is Tancredo and the other xenophobes that are keeping Castro in power.