Wednesday January 3, 2007

OK, another question. True/false: Sylvester Stallone once donated $1 million for a renovation that kept the Gusman from closing. Forget google — if it happened, the internets don’t know about it; the best I found was $75,000 for the Miami Film Festival back in ’98. But I’m sure someone told me this in all seriousness once. Were they talking out their ass?

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  1. Biscayne Bystander    Wed Jan 3, 07:14 PM #  

    Check w/ UM. I remember him buying the rights of the life story from a minister in Coconut Grove that was doing a lot of charitable work for the impoverished in the area and was about to lose his ministry because he couldn’t pay his taxes or something. Too lazy to google.

    love that jessica alba pic

  2. alesh    Wed Jan 3, 08:52 PM #  

    Um . . . I’m not sure I follow. Who at UM should I check with?

  3. Biscayne Bystander    Thu Jan 4, 09:26 AM #  

    Sorry, thought you were talking about the Gusman Concert Hall and Recording Studio at UM.

    Jessica Alba is distracting…

  4. Manola Blablablanik    Thu Jan 4, 11:19 AM #  

    Stalone did go to UM though. It would make more sense if he donated to his alma mater (he got an honorary degree eventually) or to the film festival, since he still had a house here around that time.