Tuesday January 2, 2007

Miami Marine Stadium

A photoset of the dilapidated Miami Marine Stadium on Virginia Key. The stadium was closed down after hurricane Andrew in 1992 because of fears that it would colapse. It still hasn’t, but it’s still considered unsafe. There have been plans to turn the site into an eco-campground, which is odd considering it’s a huge concrete structure next to a highway, and the rest of Virginia Key has plenty of actual wilderness. (That may be why the plan hasn’t gone anywhere.) There has also been talk of restoring it, but neither private interests nor the government want to be bothered.

So there it sits, in all of its disintegrating, vandalized beauty. Verticus has some history and a plea to fix the stadium. More photos here, along with an interesting tidbit: it’s possible to get on the roof, from which the view is spectacular, but you need to take a rickety catwalk to the skybox, then climb a ladder which hangs over a section of the catwalk with no floor. In other words, you have an excellent chance of killing yourself on your way back down. Ouch. And here’s a link to the stadium on Gmaps.

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  1. Biscayne Bystander    Tue Jan 2, 07:55 PM #  

    I learned to wakeboard here. If you have a boat and an inflated tube, I can’t think of a better place to be in Miami.

    I still think this stadium can be restored. All we need is the Fonz, a pair of waterskis and a couple of sharks to jump over.

  2. alesh    Tue Jan 2, 08:09 PM #  

    My first concert was there — the Beach Boys. In the 80’s.

  3. mkh    Tue Jan 2, 09:17 PM #  

    I think I saw a battle of the bands all-day show there around 1980, with such luminaries as Foghat and REO Speedwagon. I don’t remember much else due to the skull-roasting sunburn I got, and that I have tried to burn away all memory of the woman I was dating then.

  4. AlessA    Wed Jan 3, 10:54 AM #  

    This has been a landmark spot for not only fellow boaters and wakeboarders (like myself) but also for artist and crazy skaters. Graffiti artist (like myself)..

    I hope that the sea stadium gets restored. It can be brought back to life and used again for water sports events, concerts, festivals and more. I also think they should build a skate park and have places where artist can come and express themselves.. (with a recycling spot for spray cans)LOL. Lets see Miami.
    Peace and Happy new year

  5. alesh    Wed Jan 3, 06:28 PM #  

    Thanks Alessa. I hope it happens, too. I just don’t know how you repair a big concrete roof like that so that you can be sure it won’t fall on anyone’s head.

    Who knows; stranger things have happened. Maybe what this place needs is for some rich visionary to take it under his or her arm, like . . . and I’m sure I’ve heard this, but I can’t confirm: did Sylvester Stalone donate $1 million toward the renovation of the Gusman Center in downtown?? Does anybody know? Anyway, for someone to do something like that, out of love, because apparently it’s not going to happen out of financial interests.

    Anyway. Happy new year to you.

  6. Josh    Thu Jan 4, 11:27 AM #  

    I’m doing a project at FIU with the Miami Marine Stadium. Anyone know where I can get some roof shots? Thanks..

  7. alesh    Thu Jan 4, 11:42 AM #  

    click the word “here” in the post above. But if I were doing a project, I’d take it as an excuse to climb up there myself and take some.