Friday December 29, 2006

Noo Yeerz Eave weekend

king mango strut parade

New Years’ Eve? Well, there really are perfectly good stuff-to-do lists all over the place: Miami Music Guide, the Herald (1, 2), MiamiBeach411, and the aforementioned Miami Nights, so I see no reason to do one of my own. The smart money is celebrating with a small group of friends at a low key party, anyway. I’ll be at OceanDance, and you’re all invited.

By the way, tonight, End of Cinematics [Flash with sound] at the Carnival opera house looks impressive, and of course Woody Allen is kicking it old-school in the concert hall.

What about Monday? How about brunch and a light outdoor activity in the early afternoon?

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  1. Shawn    Sat Dec 30, 01:07 PM #  

    Did you go to the End of Cinematics? I went and I just didn’t get it. Would love to hear other people’s opinions on it.