Thursday December 28, 2006

Carnival Center

A few new photos at the Miami at night photoset. Here’s the Carnival Center from across the bay.

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  1. Manuel A. Tellechea    Thu Dec 28, 11:16 AM #  


    I think you should post a thread on, and chronology of, the Critical-Palmetto turf war as it has lately developed on the other site.

  2. j-j    Thu Dec 28, 12:06 PM #  

    Don’t take the bite alesh, flame wars are just boring!

  3. alesh    Fri Dec 29, 06:51 AM #  

    No turf, no war. The truth is that I love Rick. It’s only because his blog kicks ass so consistently that I find it worth pointing out my couple of little quibbles with it once in a while. Rick feels the need to respond each and every time, and occasionally we get into these fun long arguments about stuff (and I’m not the only one he gets into them with), but it’s all out of love.

  4. Manuel A. Tellechea    Fri Dec 29, 07:22 AM #  


    OK, you love Rick. But do you love Alex?

  5. alesh    Fri Dec 29, 07:32 AM #  

    Yes. (And btw I’ve actually hung out with both of them.) Alex is maybe one of the most thoughtful, intelligent, and reasonable people in town. He needs a fan club.

  6. Manuel A. Tellechea    Fri Dec 29, 07:41 AM #  


    Maybe you can start one.

  7. Alex    Fri Dec 29, 10:28 AM #  

    Much love to you too Alesh. “Viejo cazuelero” stick to defending murderous dictators and stop trying to fan the flames.

  8. Rick    Fri Dec 29, 10:39 AM #  

    You’re wrong, Alesh. I don’t feel the need to respond to every comment you make.

    XXOO ((((((Hugs))))))

    BTW, your comments are acting goofy again this morning.


  9. Manuel A. Tellechea    Fri Dec 29, 10:52 AM #  


    It seems to me that I “don’t have to fan the flames.” They seem to be flaming very nicely by themselves.

  10. alesh    Fri Dec 29, 12:41 PM #  


    Goofy how? Other then stripping out html, everything’s perfect now.

  11. Rick    Fri Dec 29, 02:12 PM #  

    After a successful preview, I would hit the “submit” button and receive a blank screen. Although it wouldn’t be a “404 Error” screen, the tab in IE would be labeled as such. The screen would remain blank. And, of course, the comment wouldn’t show. I closed out Firefox and tried again and tried it in IE about 5 different times before giving up.

    FYI, this happened to me before a while ago but not since then.

  12. alesh    Fri Dec 29, 04:22 PM #  

    How annoying!

    I promise you’re the only one who’s mentioned this, but of course that doesn’t help. When you hit the blank screen, have you ever tried hitting ‘back’ and ‘submit’ again?

  13. Manuel A. Tellechea    Fri Dec 29, 05:38 PM #  


    I have never had difficulty posting on your website, but it’s a perennial ordeal trying to post on Rick’s. In fact, I now make it a point to save any comment before I post it so that it will not be lost in the process of posting it. Unless the post consists of one or two words, it requires you to do word verification at least twice, and each time the number of letters to be copied increases with each successive attempt to post. It’s not quite a nightmare, but it’s certainly an ordeal.

    Your textile system has many advantages and I’ve made some casual discoveries about it, such as if you type two little dashes it will automatically translate that as a long dash, saving me the trouble of ALT + 051.

  14. Rick    Fri Dec 29, 09:30 PM #  

    Tried, Alesh. No go. Just kept giving me the blank screen.


  15. alesh    Sat Dec 30, 11:42 AM #  


    I’m going to get to the bottom of this. never fear!!

    A couple of questions:

    You say you did it five times before giving up, but obviously you posted the comment eventually . . . what are you doing differently (if anything) when it does work?

    Do you have the same problem posting from just different locations, or just one place?