Wednesday December 27, 2006

Another piece of Coconut Grove history on the auction block: they’re trying to move Marjory Stoneman Douglashouse. Update: Marjory Stoneman Douglas impersonators/protesters at the Mango Strut.

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  1. travis    Wed Dec 27, 10:35 AM #  

    pardon my language but…

  2. Johnny    Wed Dec 27, 02:18 PM #  

    In another act of total disgust they would rather make a buck than preserve history. While other places preserve their history and are proud of it Miami paves over everything. The sad thing is not enough people will take a stand and the house will probably end up getting moved. Miami is so busy making itself over that they fail to realize we have little history but we do have some. They are disgusting and someone should move all their McMansions elsewhere. ASSH*LES!

  3. Michael Jay Hardin    Sat Jan 13, 12:49 PM #  

    It dose not suprise me in any way to hear about the plans to move the Home of Marjory Stoneman Douglas.
    I grewup I Jupiter / Tequesta from 1959 (at age 7) to 1994 where some of the best times and memories of my life were made. It’s sad to say that everytime that I visit Florida I become more saddened by what I see or what I no longer see of what used to be the Florida so many of us Love and remember. For the past ten years or so I have been working towards starting a Environmential Group to help all of the individuals who give of there selves, time and money to do what ever they can to help Florida’s Natural Beauty, Animals and Environment I would enclude the Beaches but there just isn’t enough money even in the MacArthur Foundation to help save the Beaches from all of the Money Hungry Developers. I am trying to have Robb White’s Book The Lion’s Paw made into a movie with hopes that some of the Profiets could be used in this endeavor and maybe at the same time be able to have his book reprinted. So back to what I was saying in the beginning it dose not suprise me in the least, it’s all about the MONEY
    is it not. You may have to do what I do whitch is collect items of Old Florida so that you will have something to remember what it was like and to (Remember) as in the song by Harry Nilsson written by (Composer)Irving Berlin and featured in the movie You’ve Got Mail (1998) becaust that is wherein lies those warm and lasting memories of a place that will never touch us in the same way as it once did.

    P.S. Always Rember it’s what keeps us alive! Mangomikes