Wednesday December 27, 2006

I-195 and 38th St

A parking garage right here? Well, duh.

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  1. skipvancel    Wed Dec 27, 10:40 AM #  

    This is a great idea IF they block NE 1 Ave between NE 41 st and NE 42 st so exiting cars cannot speed through the Buena Vista Historic District AND IF the use an innovative design that incorporates greenery on the outside of the building like the one on Collins between 6 and 7 streets. And, keeping the Mayor’s DESIRE to build green, utilizing solar panels on the top floor to generate electricity to light the building etc.

  2. alesh    Wed Dec 27, 10:54 AM #  

    Good point. DACRA’s involved, so maybe it’ll be some sort of good design . . .

  3. Miami taxpayer    Mon Jan 1, 02:25 AM #  

    Parking is always helpful. Employers should demand that all their employees use the new garage. That will free up spaces near the stores for actual customers.

    And I too hope Dacra chooses a great innovative design. Skip makes an excellent suggestion.