Tuesday December 26, 2006

green heart Lolo has been rocking the restaurant reviews over at Meatless Miami. She’s squeezed a lot of functionality out of Blogger, allowing you to browse restaurants by neighborhood or search for the top-rated ones. Vegan-centric resource par excellence.

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  1. What    Tue Dec 26, 05:55 PM #  

    She gives the same score to all the restaurants.

  2. alesh    Tue Dec 26, 07:08 PM #  


    Look again — she gives a four to fully vegetarian-friendly places, which are most. There are plenty of threes and twos, the occasional one, and even a five in there.

  3. Lolo    Fri Dec 29, 01:18 PM #  

    Hey Alesh,

    Thanks for the heads up! The site will launch officially later this month (or early Feb) with a big soiree at Sublime – the only place rated 5 stars on the site – so people can experience a truly bad-ass vegan meal.

    Also, in regards to the “all the same rating” comment, I mention that the restaurants are based on general CONSIDERATION towards vegetarians. Obviously, I’m listing the more considerate restaurants faster so it’ll be a minute before I get around to rating Outback Steakhouse “0 Hearts”.