Tuesday December 26, 2006

In Miami-Dade it’s illegal to sell a dog or cat without a microchip implanted in it. Not to get all “our children are next” on you, but doesn’t this seem a little fucked up? I understand the motivation, but . . . ok, what if you have, say, religious objections (mark of the beast and all)? Or what if you think it’s just weird to have a microchip implanted in your pet?

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  1. Manuel A. Tellechea    Tue Dec 26, 08:44 AM #  

    First they came for the wild beasts of the jungle, and I said nothing; then they came for the cats and dogs, and I said nothing; then they came for the infirmed and handicapped, and I said nothing; then they came for the children, and I did say something:

    Will the microchip be able to tell whether the kids are having sex or smoking pot?

    Because if it can, then the end of civilization is in sight.

  2. skipvancel    Tue Dec 26, 09:49 AM #  

    If you have ever had a pet lost and then euthanized because no one could figure out who the owner was, you would be all for microchipping.
    However, I am against microchipping children, euthanizing them may be an option.

  3. alesh    Tue Dec 26, 10:39 AM #  


    I’m ready for the laughing gas.


    No. That’s an argument for getting your pet or my pet microchipped, not for making chipping mandatory for everyone. I can make arguments from here until next week why it would be a great idea to chip all the kids along the same lines.

    But you do point me in this direction: any successful argument for mandatory chipping of all pets is going to come from an animal-rights perspective. Looking at it that way, it actually begins to make sense.

  4. Manola Blablablanik    Tue Dec 26, 11:28 AM #  

    I don’t like the weird big-brother implications of this, but it sounds like it would take a great deal of pressure of the shelters, the animals and their owners.

    What about micro-chipping reptiles? Should owners who dump their lizards and snakes be responsible?

  5. George W. Bush    Tue Dec 26, 11:55 AM #  

    I don’t get it. What’s your problem with Youth In Asia?

  6. skipvancel    Tue Dec 26, 02:03 PM #  

    There are too many of them…..

  7. George W. Bush    Tue Dec 26, 10:14 PM #  

    Micularchips are make nucular energy.