Monday December 4, 2006

The word on Art Basel

Basel always brings some temporary outdoor art installations. This one is in front of the Jackie Gleason Theater. Some more are here and here

Yes, I’m going to be talking about Art Basel this week; apologies to those who don’t care. For non-art people who are interested, I’ll probably do a post on Friday to tell you what to see if you don’t want to see everything. For the others, somewhat more frequent updates on what’s particularly interesting.

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  1. Franklin    Mon Dec 4, 10:54 AM #  

    Link to NYT is dead. Look for bonus character in front of URL.

  2. cohen    Mon Dec 4, 03:50 PM #  

    jeez to much stuff to do

  3. harumi    Mon Dec 4, 08:55 PM #  

    thanks for the post alesh. by the way, I think I saw you today around 9:40 AM on Pembroke rd….. I was driving the other street. I guess you were on the way to work.

  4. dervis    Thu Dec 7, 08:19 AM #  

    is omni art happening this year?

  5. j-j    Thu Dec 7, 12:05 PM #  

    great job alesh, I’m going there today (I live right in front at the Masfield Park, duh!) and now, thanks to the info, I know what to look for:-) Now, have you seen any Yoshimoto Nara? He’s my fave…

  6. WearyEducator    Sun Dec 10, 08:10 AM #  

    Basel was great but I hope that as interesting new events and institutions come along we don’t drop the ball on the PAC/CCPA.....
    The word I am getting is that while a few events have been well attended, attendance overall is dismally low. No, make that frighteningly low. There’s no marketing, no community outreach, no efforts to carry the story of the Center to the far corners of Miami-Dade. It’s still the smug little club of old friends talking to each other and wondering why no one is knocking at their doors.

    Am I getting a distorted sense of what’s going on?
    Or should we be thinking seriously about turning one of the new halls over to Cirque du Soleil

  7. alesh    Mon Dec 11, 07:33 AM #  

    I’m curious about overall attendance levels myself, but I can tell you that advertising is all out — i see their ads everywhere.

  8. WearyEducator    Mon Dec 11, 11:58 PM #  

    If their attendance was strong, they’d be trunpeting their great success.
    They are totally silent on the matter so I am assuming the worse.

    And their advertising is a complete waste because they have totally failed to “sell” the facility and the surrounding area.

    You could advertise wonderful events in Sweetwater or Opa Locka all you want but if I have a negative impression of the neighborhood, I’m not going!

  9. Franklin    Tue Dec 12, 12:16 AM #  

    Apparently things are rosy. See Dec. 10 press release here.

  10. WearyEducator    Tue Dec 12, 07:10 AM #  

    Sorry. I’m sure I caused confusion by segueing from Art Basel (the headline on this string) to attendance at the Carnival Center of Performing Arts. My pesky ADD cut in. And yes, Art Basel did just fine!