Sunday December 3, 2006

At a meeting last week about Miami 21 which I had on my calendar but forgot to attend anyway, nothing much happened. The project is coming along but vewy, vewy, slowly. Update: I’m working on a calendar section. Check in the bar on the right.

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  1. mkh    Mon Dec 4, 07:22 AM #  

    Huh. Don’t forget that you were the one who told me that it wouldn’t be possible to maintain a calendar section — which I had already assumed was true, and was borne out.

  2. alesh    Mon Dec 4, 08:24 AM #  

    Ah, but my calendar section has a top-secret rule: it only lists things that I’m at least seriously considering going to (and might forget about). In other words, it’s for me, and any benefit to anyone else is strictly incidental. (Which goes for this whole site, but in a somewhat different way . . .)

    Plus, it’s super simple — entries work the same way as regular posts, and though I can enter stuff for anytime in the future, it’ll only show whatever’s up for the next week. Day of week and time. Done.

  3. miami resident    Wed Dec 6, 03:56 AM #  

    Miami 21 appears to be dying. Manny Diaz made another mistake. Miami is a large busy city. The consultants Diaz hired, DPZ, are better working on open fields and pastures than redoing an active city.

    Dead on the vine.

    Stick a fork in it. It’s done.

  4. Jan Halvorssen    Fri Dec 8, 09:01 AM #  

    Miami 21 has many unanswered questions. I hear many property owners are planning to sue the city if their rights get too damaged.

  5. Wynwood Willy    Sat Dec 9, 06:03 PM #  

    We just found out the City of Miami consultants, DPZ, are refusing to answer specific questions from property owners on the website created for that purpose. Apparantly DPZ has decided they do not want to be bothered dealing with the taxpayers.

    DPZ wants the city to approve its plan “as is” full of errors and problems. What a nightmare that would be.

  6. Rob Corich    Mon Dec 11, 01:39 PM #  

    We hear the same thing in Brickell West. DPZ refuses to answer questions.

  7. alesh    Mon Dec 11, 03:00 PM #  

    Dude, stop having conversations with yourself. We get your opinion, and it would have more credibility if you would pick one pseudonym and stick with it.