Sunday December 3, 2006

Just what you needed on a Sunday evening: my thoughts on a few varieties of booze.



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  1. R,    Sun Dec 3, 09:38 PM #  

    the best way to take tequilla:

    cinnamon powder and orange wedges. you won’t feel a thing.

  2. alesh    Mon Dec 4, 12:30 AM #  

    That sounds delicious. But with all due respect, when I don’t want to feel anything I’ll drink the white russians. When I drink tequila it’s because I want to feel it. I drink it like a man: straight up, room temperature.

  3. mkh    Mon Dec 4, 12:30 AM #  

    So only Bacardi, no actual rum?

  4. NicFitKid    Mon Dec 4, 05:36 AM #  

    Which liquor store was this, and how much was the Skol? I need a way to celebrate my loose change winnings this month.