Friday December 1, 2006

Miami at Night photoset

Added some photos to my Miami at Night photoset, including a few interiors.



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  1. John    Fri Dec 1, 02:17 PM #  


    How do you get the neon lights to show up so well? I am an extremely amatuer photographer, but I’m trying to learn ( I have a canon powershot a540). Any tips?

  2. alesh    Fri Dec 1, 02:37 PM #  


    Find the exposure compensation on your camera (it might be in a menu on the Powershot), and crank it waaaaay down. For night time shots a full -2 stops might be just about perfect, though you’ll need to fiddle with it, possibly between every shot.

    If the rest of the picture looks too dark (you might be surprised to find that it looks perfect) you can leave it as is or fiddle with it in Photoshop.

    In addition to the levels/curves commands (Picasa has this for free, BTW), I’ve recently gotten sort of addicted to the shadow/hightlight command.

  3. FER    Fri Dec 1, 09:26 PM #  

    I imagine these are all with a tripod?

  4. alesh    Fri Dec 1, 10:00 PM #  


    Some are on a tripod. If you hit the “more properties” button on each photo’s page, it’ll give you the ISO for the photo. When I was on a tripod I set it to 400. Anyone that’s higher is NOT on a tripod. In a couple of cases I was doing available support (front of lens against glass for some of the interiors, and hands holding camera, elbows on a low wall for this one ).

    Some are completely hand-held, including these: 1 2 3 4.

    That last one, I’m on a moving escalator! Check the D80’s ISO-auto mode, which cranks the noise first (up to a limit you specify), then cranks down shutter speed (again to the limit you specify, in my case 1/15), and then makes the picture darker.

    It’s pretty impressive, but there’s no substitute for a tripod, and the ones where I’m on one (like this and this ) definitely have a little extra magic going on.

  5. john    Sat Dec 2, 03:03 AM #  

    alesh, much obliged. i’m a transport from the midwest, and don’t generally dig miami, but the city should pay you for your website. You’ve made me like it a bit more.