Tuesday November 28, 2006


Hey, baby, check out my 85mm f1.2. Seriously, though, ISB has the four things needed to get this particular brand of pictures: a good location, decent photoshop skillz, the nerve to step to people and put a camera lens in their face, consequences be damned (though he usually picks on unaccompanied females, fwiw), and maybe like around ten grand worth of glass. Count me jealous, at least of the latter two. (via SotP/r)



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  1. Rick    Tue Nov 28, 07:18 AM #  

    Wow. Nice lens.


  2. alesh    Tue Nov 28, 07:28 AM #  

    Right. Seriously, though, that’s what 50% of the comments on his flickr are.

    Or better yet: “Nice bokeh.”

  3. NicFitKid    Tue Nov 28, 09:21 AM #  

    Don’t hate the player, hate the lenses. And the bokeh .

  4. alesh    Tue Nov 28, 09:46 AM #  

    The Nikon Noct-Nikkor 58mm f/1.2. ISB is a master of adapters as much as a connoisseur of lenses — he figures out ways to attach all sorts of zeiss, olympus, and leica shit to his 5D.


  5. jordan    Tue Nov 28, 05:08 PM #  

    There are two things that work regarding making and selling art in Miami:
    Hot female; young, aloof, savy, and trendy, with no baggage.
    Handsome male; metrosexual, aloof, sweet talker, ( who looks like the “can you here me now” guy) with a good family name and a few tatoos perhapes.
    These are the types to look for during “Art Basel” and to invest in as they will look good in photos that your “in-house” photographer takes.

  6. FLB    Tue Nov 28, 05:18 PM #  

    ... can we cum in there assholes?

  7. Manola Blablablanik    Tue Nov 28, 07:14 PM #  

    Jordan and FLB, you so missed the point, but I guess that’s obvious.

    Chuck is definitely a leg-man, but that doesn’t take away from his skill as a photog … he truly deserves ‘nice bokeh’ and so much more … I’m on the lookout for the dude with the glass … anyone spotted ISB lately?

  8. Jonathan    Tue Nov 28, 07:15 PM #  

    I’m not sure if finding out that a pretty girl was more attracted to my camera equipment than to me would be the kind of social outcome I’d be looking for here, but I suppose one takes what one can get.