Sunday November 26, 2006

24 hours

Miami at night, a new photoset. The downtown shots are hand-held, the South Beach shots are mostly . . . well, that’s right, I was the guy schleping around the beach with a tripod at 5 in the morning this weekend . . .



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  1. Christian Calzadillas    Mon Nov 27, 01:27 AM #  

    No obligatory Ocean Drive shots? Sacrilege!!

  2. alesh    Mon Nov 27, 07:26 AM #  

    Figured I’d save those to do during the week when it’s less teeming with people. Or to put it another way, I was doing these first few to work out the technique. I’ll do Washington/Collins/Ocean when I know what I’m doing.

  3. Onajide    Mon Nov 27, 08:42 AM #  

    The night shots are super. I’ve been giving my photo students a night shot assignment over the past few years but, most haven’t done a good job. They seem to think they can’t take a picture if they’re not taking pics of lights. So, after finally realizing how to address that issue, this semester’s photos were awesome.

    I love the double glowing lights. :-)

  4. Jonathan    Mon Nov 27, 09:39 AM #  

    Very nice. I like the blue/green pics best.

  5. dervis    Mon Nov 27, 04:22 PM #  


  6. madeindade    Tue Nov 28, 12:10 AM #  

    Night photos are the best… just pick a random exposure and see what heppens