Wednesday November 22, 2006

People who can't park and don't care

Parking SUVs in Aventura

SUV drivers + Aventura = can’t park, let alone drive. All these pictures were taken during one visit to (what else?) Whole Foods. Walked straight from the car to the store, too. Talk about places I’m glad I don’t live. And I hear it’s even worse north of the county line.

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  1. that guy    Wed Nov 22, 10:12 AM #  

    This is common throughout Miami-Dade county. Most people here learned to drive on the back of a donkey, and park that way too.

    I take the bus.

  2. the other guy    Wed Nov 22, 10:22 AM #  

    The only thing that surprises me is that there aren’t any El Zol stickers plastered to the bumpers of any of ‘em.

  3. Elias    Wed Nov 22, 11:10 AM #  

    That’s nothing compared to the jackasses that park diagonally!

  4. Alex    Wed Nov 22, 11:12 AM #  

    To be fair, the Volvo driver had to park that way because the 4runner to her left is taking part of her space.

    “El Zol”???? This is Aventura. The only stickers you’ll find are for a synagogue. Find your justifications elsewhere.

  5. alesh    Wed Nov 22, 11:19 AM #  

    Hey, I like El Zol!!

    The Volvo driver is FARTHER out of line then the toyota! no pass from me, I say let them HANG! And yes, the F-150 is at best an honorary SUV. But still.

  6. Manola Blablablanik    Wed Nov 22, 11:46 AM #  

    LOL! That collage actually looks like musical parking spaces! Klezmer meets Salsa!

  7. Alex    Wed Nov 22, 12:32 PM #  

    But if the Volvo girl wanted to park in her space, she wouln’t have been able to open her door. Plus if you see on the right edge of the photo, the car next to the space to her right was parked ver the line as well!

    The F-150 gets SUv status because of the bed topper crap. If you really need a pickup truck for work, and you put one of those things on top, you get SUV grief.

    I like El Zol too, but “the other guy” doesn’t.

  8. alesh    Wed Nov 22, 01:28 PM #  

    It’s difficult to tell from that photo, but there are actually almost three feet between the Volvo and the other car (I now think it’s a ford escape). So the Volvo driver still gets full credit for being an oblivious asshole in my book.

    In the old days, there were “compact” spaces for small cars which were closer to the store, but SUV drivers ignored that, too. These spaces are a little undersized, but that in no way pardons these people’s obliviousness.

    And yes, misparking is a catching disease in Aventura. They should all be quarantined.

  9. are    Thu Nov 23, 08:59 AM #  

    If you want to see some prime examples of this you should check out the home depot off LeJune and 46th in hialeah. It’s the most rediculous I’ve ever seen and I’ve lived here a long time.

  10. Biscayne Bystander    Thu Nov 23, 03:14 PM #  

    At least you cared enough to airbrush their license plates.

  11. Tere    Thu Nov 23, 10:14 PM #  

    This awfulness is quite rampant in the parking garage at Dadeland Mall and the one at Dadeland Station. Every time I see a car do this, it takes every ounce of self-control to not leave a nasty message on the windshield.

  12. enmanuel    Sun Nov 26, 06:23 PM #  

    notice the common element: they’re all SUVs…