Wednesday November 15, 2006

Friends with You will be doing a parade of giant balloons on December 9th 7th [either the 7th or the 9th, not sure], and they need volunteers. Information at Wormhole.

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  1. snowbird    Wed Nov 15, 10:52 AM #  

    Is this taking place on Thursday, December 7th or on Saturday, December 9th? “Friends” site says it’s the 9th and “Wormhole” says the 7th. Or is my calendar screwed up?

  2. alesh    Wed Nov 15, 11:29 AM #  

    OK I officially have no idea. The 9th is a Saturday, so that makes more sense, but their website is the original source, and it says the 7th (Thursday), so we’ll have to wait for some clarification.

  3. alesh    Fri Nov 17, 03:55 PM #  

    I got another e-mail saying it’s the 7th, so I’m going to call that the official day. Do it up!