Monday November 13, 2006

olympus c-8080

My kick-ass Olympus C-8080, sadly for sale on ebay.



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  1. Gus    Tue Nov 14, 10:12 AM #  

    Is there a story why you’re selling it?

  2. alesh    Tue Nov 14, 10:39 AM #  

    I bought a Nikon D-80, mainly to be able to use an extra-wide angle lens, tho the 8080 does go pretty wide. The D80 has a slightly better image quality, tho the C-8080 has a lot of other advantages going for it. They’re listed on the ebay page. Mainly, though, it’s a much smaller contraption to lug around. I like both cameras.

    If it doesn’t sell at $450, I’ll knock it down to $400 and try again. But it’ll probably sell — my e-bay selling strategy is to set a starting price close to what I expect the item to sell for, and no reserve.

  3. Gus    Tue Nov 14, 11:15 AM #  

    I was hoping for a tear jerker.

    Good luck with the auction.

    Did you know they’s an auction on ebay for the naming rights to a shipwreck artificial reef in Key West? The auction has two bids. The current bid is: $900,100.00.

  4. Interesting...    Tue Nov 14, 08:58 PM #  

    What are you gonna do with all that $$$ when you sell?

    Maybe save it and take me on a vacation for MY birthday?

    You can even bring the Nikon D-80!

  5. alesh    Tue Nov 14, 09:17 PM #  

    blah… yes, whores and blow for everyone when the check comes through.

    Nope: unfortunately, for the time being the D80 is sitting on a credit card bill. E-bay proceeds will be going towards paying down said bills.

    There may be a little money left over for a lunch or two, though.

  6. Interesting...    Wed Nov 15, 07:58 AM #  

    Of course you wouldn’t spend your $$$ to take someone on vacation. Everyone has their priorities: whores, blow, cameras…

    Tip #1: You’ll probably make more friends with whores and blow than lunch.