Monday November 13, 2006

Those having trouble getting to and from the airport (like my parents in a couple of days) now have a new option: for $50, Gus, of MB411 will give you a lift.



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  1. Gus    Mon Nov 13, 01:41 PM #  

    Now I’m in trouble.

  2. Michelle    Mon Nov 13, 02:31 PM #  

    Yes Gus, you are in trouble. Stick to blogging; leave the transportation services to me.

    Hi, Alesh, here’s how our service works: The round trip price is $51 each way, one way is $60 (not including gratuity).

    We offer private transportation so your parents will get to and from their destination quickly without having to make multiple stops on the way.

    When your parents arrive at the airport, they will receive a text message from the driver with his cell phone number. After they have collected their luggage, they call the driver, and he picks them up within 3 minutes.

    On the way back, the driver calls when he’s 10 minutes away to let them know exactly what time he will be there.

    I’m happy to help with your parent’s transportation. To receive an extra special, locals-only, VIP rate, follow this link and fill out the eform:

    You can also email me if you have any questions. :)

  3. dervis    Mon Nov 13, 04:46 PM #  

    are your parents coming from Ft. Lauderdale?

    if they are, they can also try Tri-Express

    it’s 20 bucks for pick up from house. multiple stops, but they are punctual.

    the thing is that if you are leaving from Ft. Lauderdale airport, Tri-Express becomes unexpectedly pricier: That means, if you don’t want to pay $50, your going to have to wait until there’re enough people going to the same area before the bus/limo takes off.

    You Can also take a bus that’ll drop you off at a tri-rail station near the airport..

    I heard the best transport to and from Miami international airport is the Super Shuttle. same deal, $20.00.