Wednesday November 8, 2006


Boxed in. How many times do I have to point out that we’re all in this together, and if we don’t look out for each other, we’re lost? Equally bad: people who park and leave big spaces behind and in front of their car, where a second car could have fit if they’d just scooted forward. People like this deserve unpleasant notes left under their windshield wipers.

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  1. Tere    Wed Nov 8, 09:12 AM #  

    They sure do, and I hope you left one!

  2. j-j    Wed Nov 8, 09:19 AM #  

    LOL- this happens to me all the time, its the price that we must pay for living on such a beautiful place. Really its nice here.

    I think that people that box you in should be made to pay a ticket. The problem is how do you know which person blocked you in. Hmm, I have noticed that a lot of this happens in the morning when non-beach residents are desperate looking for free zone weekday parking.. the parking police should really increase their morning rounds to avoid this sort of early bird fiasco.

  3. Gus    Wed Nov 8, 09:27 AM #  

    “People like this deserve unpleasant notes left under their windshield wipers.”

    Any tips on crafting such a note?

    Is that your car? If so, what did you say?

  4. alesh    Wed Nov 8, 09:49 AM #  

    Gus~ I recently came across the stash of cards promoting CM that I had printed when I started this up. on the flip side they read “I met the devil in Miami.” I’ve often considered leaving those under folks windshield wipers — poetic warning and self-promotion delivered in one fell swoop.

    not my car! here is my car, on a night when I boxed myself in (though I checked to make sure the guy in front of me and the guy behind me had enough space on the other side to get out).

    j-j~ true, but there are plenty of knuckleheads that live on sobe. The third thing that bugs me is when people leave too much space between their car and the yellow curb. You should park so that your car overlaps the yellow curb just a little, to maximize space for everyone.

  5. NicFitKid    Wed Nov 8, 02:16 PM #  

    If you use on-street parking a regular basis, the bumpers of your car should already have a healthy layer of battle scars. Boxed in? Man, I could get out of that with a little nudging and shoving, easy. Ninety-nine percent of the time I don’t have to resort to bumper cars to get out of my spot, but when I do, I could care less about the other guys’ bumpers parked millimeters away from mine.

    Now rogue sofas , those constitute an assinine parking problem. I think it’s more of a mainland thing*, though.

    *for those readers outraged by my snobbish use of the term mainland and direly in need of more snark, send by prepaid mail a photo of yourself, two dead creeping charlies, and a self addressed stamped envelope to:

    Tropics Hotel
    c/o The Young NFK
    1550 Collins Avenue
    Miami Beach, FL

    ...and yes, I am shamelessly ripping off the liner notes of a Tom Waits album

  6. Manola Blablablanik    Wed Nov 8, 02:43 PM #  

    What’s worse is when someone doesn’t show consideration within a gated residential lot! This has happend to me. My neighbor drives a taxi van. When he backs in crooked, it forces me to crowd out the car on the other side. The other neighbor left me a note on my windshield telling ME to park straight, but she obviously doesn’t realize that the other guy is initiating the problem.

  7. NicFitKid    Wed Nov 8, 07:16 PM #  

    Cool, a crooked parking domino effect. It’s like a Cold War gated lot of subversive fifth column fun.