Friday November 3, 2006

Speed device

A device that measures your speed and blinks if you’re speeding, permanently installed on Miami Beach. These seem kind of silly; if they’re going to install speed sensors, why not couple them with a camera to photograph license plates, and just start mailing out tickets like in Europe. Update: Oh, and notice how it’s pre-vandalized for your convenience. Update: At the intersection of 56th Street and Pine Tree Drive, Miami Beach.



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  1. Manola Blablablanik    Fri Nov 3, 02:32 PM #  

    Alesh, where on MB? Is this around North Bay Road?

    Alton Road between 41st and Dade Blvd continues to be a speed trap … also Pine Tree.

    It’s always fun to have people pass me and then see them get pulled over. PSYCHE!

  2. Matt Reininger    Fri Nov 3, 02:37 PM #  

    These are on Big Pine Ave I belive…

    Alesh-Don’t give the police any ideas! They have enough bad ones!

  3. B.A.C    Fri Nov 3, 02:39 PM #  

    I always found those devices to be silly. It gives a false sense of protection really, if those are there police probably arent around. Im for what you said, let’s spend the money on cameras instead of wasting it on dumb radars.

  4. Rick    Fri Nov 3, 03:23 PM #  

    You gotta wonder how the surrounding residents feel getting blasted by radar 24/7.


  5. Jonathan    Fri Nov 3, 04:45 PM #  

    Alesh, you should start doing Onion-style spoof man-in-the-street interviews on this kind of stuff.

    I think traffic cams are a bad idea. They are attractive to city govts for revenue raising, but from what I have read do not increase safety and sometimes contribute to accidents. There has been popular backlash against them in some of the areas where they have been widely used. (I don’t like speed traps either but the cameras are worse.) There is an inherent problem in creating monetary incentives for cops to enforce laws.

  6. Miami Transit Man    Fri Nov 3, 07:13 PM #  

    I’m all for “Block The Box” Cameras across Miami intersections. The Gridlock is ridiculous…

  7. circuitmouse    Tue Nov 7, 05:44 PM #  

    The company making these suckers have been marketing them to municipalities for over a decade, constantly tweaking their sales pitch to make them more palatable to government —and citizens.

    I remember what now seems like an all-too-brief period in the last century when we were looking forward to most of SoBe south of Lincoln Road being relatively car-free. Of course, pedestrians don’t do that much toward filling the city’s coffer’s as a result of parking fines or parking meters. And it looks like they’re going all-out to make them look stylish enough to fit in with the Beach decor… the wy, they have a portable model, too, that can be moved from intersection to intersection, a heck of a lot faster than they can repair the damn streets they’re found on.

  8. Rich    Wed Nov 8, 02:39 PM #  

    Hey, its called “awareness”, they prefer not to ticket you. SOme ppldo like to “check” their speed!