Wednesday November 1, 2006

Dr. James M. Jackson Office and Surgery

Dr. James M. Jackson Office and Surgery: This charming little building is in the middle of a bunch of huge skyscrapers in the middle of Brickell. It’s on the national register of historical places, and it’s got its own Wikipedia page. It’s the office of the Dade Heritage Trust, who haven’t renamed themselves to the Miami-Dade Heritage Trust ‘cause they’re all about, you know, heritage.



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  1. Miami Harold    Wed Nov 1, 10:12 PM #  

    James J. Jackson, M.D., was a Miami pioneer,
    and the founder of Jackson Hospital.
    His grandson, James J. Hutson, M.D., now 84,
    retired from Eastern Airlines where he was chief MO
    from the earliest days of the company.
    and his great grandson, James J. Hutson, Jr.,
    is an orthopaedic surgeon at Jackson today.
    The entire family is a Miami treasure.