Tuesday October 31, 2006

Los Tres Amigos

Los Tres Amigos

Los Tres Amigos (here) will be familiar to anyone who frequents the area near the Jackson Memorial Hospital or the Allapattah grocery district (where I took a lot of these photos) has driven by it. Brook recommends the crap out of it, and we stopped by last week for beers and food.

Los Tres Amigos

In retrospect, some of those are actually Halloween decorations, but I’m sure the inside passes for perfectly overdecorated even on the worst of days. This is one shot, but really every nook and cranny is tricked out.

Los Tres Amigos

The eponymous Tres Amigos Enchilada. Two types of mole, three types of meat, beans, rice, queso cheese, and sliced radishes (wannabe Mexican gourmets take note!) — yum! Also note: two types of salsa, plus sliced jalapeños, plus beans served with the tortilla chips. Also note: Negra Modelo served in a salt-rimmed mug with a slice of lime (I was skeptical, but it works).

Los Tres Amigos

Brook swills one. Meanwhile, two guys by the door were super cool. They were blasting the jukebox (f’realz Mexican music with a little Reggae thrown in) and drinking beer, and occasionally taking cell phone calls and reaching behind the machine to turn it way down, then back up.

Los Tres Amigos

Also worth a visit: a little shop attached to the side of the restaurant. We have sombreros, candy, t-shirts (religious and soccer), clay jugs, hemp bags, keychains (religious and soccer), a shelf of hot sauces and salsas, pork rinds, toy torros, and chotckes that may or may not have been for sale. Worth it.

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  1. Alex    Tue Oct 31, 11:37 AM #  

    The beer on the salt rimmed mug is called a chelada. It also has lime juice in it, but probably you didn’t taste it because of the negra Modelo. Try it with Modelo especial. If they put hot sauce in it, then is a michelada.

  2. Onajide    Tue Oct 31, 12:27 PM #  

    Never been there but, I love Mexican comida! Your have to taste my salsa picante! and, enchiladas. ;-)

  3. Manola Blablablanik    Tue Oct 31, 12:39 PM #  

    Oh man, that mole looks really good!

  4. whl    Tue Oct 31, 12:51 PM #  

    didn’t even know about this place! Thanks!

  5. Brook    Tue Oct 31, 02:53 PM #  

    You forgot to mention that your enchiladas were only $6.99. What a deal!

  6. cohen    Tue Oct 31, 04:00 PM #  

    6.99 is alot,,,, still gonna go when im in town,,,,,happy hallo

  7. Gus    Wed Nov 1, 08:14 AM #  

    This place looks great! The lettuce salad, sliced radishes, and white Mexican cheese son muy auténticos.

    You say Los Tres Amigos offers…

    “Negra Modelo served in a salt-rimmed mug”

    Funny, I thought salting the rim was reserved solely for WhiteDade and cans of Tecate.

    Well done! I linked to your tricked out article in my name.

  8. erika    Sat Nov 4, 01:54 AM #  

    I just drove by that place last week and it caught my eye! I“m going in there next time. the f’realz Mexican music was the convincing factor…

  9. I was there    Sat Nov 4, 08:03 AM #  

    I went for lunch on Friday based on your post.
    It was good, but it didn’t change my life.
    The Buritto Grill Cafe in North Miami serves Mole Enchiladas on Thursdays that WILL change your life. They are that good!
    There is no parking at Los Tres Amigos so be advised. If you go alone or in the evening you’ll need to park on the metered street behind and walk to the place.
    It is an eye catching place, but I wondered what else I might catch, as the place was not as clean as I would have liked, but rest assured it’s the following day and feel fine.
    I ordered the Los Tres Amigos enchiladas and liked it, but was curious about the meaty substance they refered to as beef…it was like beef, but perhaps the cow walked the earth in 1993, yet it may have been horse.
    I rate the place a 5 out of 5 for charm and value and a 3 for quality and a 2 for cleanliness.