Friday October 27, 2006

The weekend

Felice Grodin and Erika Morales

Tonight, two of my friends have openings. (left) Felice Grodin (with Matthias Saillard and Veronica Castillo) at Carol Jazzar‘s home gallery. Felice uses abstract-expressionist ink drawings as her starting point, then meticulously applies the language of architecture to them, creating delicate, multi-level maps. (right) Erika Morales, with drawings and an installation at Leonard Tachmes Gallery. Erika’s last installation was a home made set of monkey bars that were wired to produce sound when someone monkey-barred across them, so this should be impressive.

More this weekend:

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  1. efeyeyou grad    Sun Nov 5, 01:14 AM #  

    eye like childrens book illustrations like kris curiousel say him too are klas.

  2. disn'dat    Sun Nov 5, 11:51 PM #  

    oye…fiu grad…WHAT? “say him too are klas?” QUE?