Friday October 20, 2006

Damn weekend

Design Art Miami Now

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  1. KH    Fri Oct 20, 08:50 AM #  

    Don’t forget Astrid Hadad! Tonight and tomorrow night.

  2. Tere    Fri Oct 20, 10:14 AM #  

    We have friends in from NY C and are taking them out to Randazzo’s tonight – perhaps we can go to Books & Books afterwards and stand awkwardly in a corner while we stare at everyone, just before settling in for a coffee?

  3. Manola Blablablanik    Fri Oct 20, 10:34 AM #  

    Alesh, I just called the garden. It is free … sounds like a FABULOUS relaxing thing to do on Sunday!

    This is also happening at the garden this weekend. Free admission to garden, but tickets required for the play.

    10/21/2006 – 10/22/2006
    EDGE Theatre presents Zoo Story, winner of the Obie Award and a classic contemporary drama that made Edward Albee’s reputation. The play will be performed outdoors. Tickets $10 each, available at the door only. For reservations, call 786-355-0976. 2 p.m.

    Miami Beach Botanical Garden
    2000 Convention Center Dr.
    Miami Beach, FL 33139

  4. Gus    Fri Oct 20, 03:50 PM #  

    That Appetite for Destruction gig sounds fun. If I get over this darn cold, I’d like to check it out.

    Hope I can find my combat boots and black hot pants.

  5. Tere    Fri Oct 20, 05:46 PM #  

    omg, GNR – the memories of junior high and my freshman year of high school are flooding! lol I’d totally check that band out!

  6. enh    Fri Oct 20, 08:31 PM #  

    yo props on the magazine I think its a great idea and we need more media here in miami. But…

    DAMN is already a magazine and maybe two at that. didn’t someone google this before making a masthead? wtf man? a name is half the battle in a brand of media so I think it would be wise to change it.

  7. alesh    Fri Oct 20, 08:43 PM #  

    Tere~ I can’t imagine any singer coming close enough to Axl’s voice to elicit much nostalgia for me. Which is all for the best, at the end, no?

    enh~ Um . . . yes, that came up at some point. See though, it’s really just an acronym for ‘Design Art Miami Now.’ So there.

  8. jordan    Fri Oct 20, 09:15 PM #  

    Hey how are you Alesh, say hello to Erica – tell her congrats!

  9. NicFitKid    Sat Oct 21, 09:04 AM #  



  10. enh    Sat Oct 21, 12:55 PM #  

    I realize that DAMN is really D.A.M.N. but the we address is DAMN and the magazine in europe covers the same topic. A friend of mine bought them in borders in US 1 recently. They have done a very good job making their magazine and unless you want to be compared to them the world over and listed in the google ranking right next to them I would advise a serious rethink. either-way I look forward to the first issue and i send my good luck wishes.

  11. cohen    Sat Oct 21, 03:58 PM #  

    damn and staff should go check out ovo tonite,,,,,

    and i dont mean alesh… i mean the rest of damn…

  12. Tere    Sun Oct 22, 10:29 AM #  

    Good point, Alesh. I said that under the assumption that the singer of the tribute band could do a good enough imitation to impress me – or make me laugh.

  13. harumi    Sun Oct 22, 11:12 AM #  

    sorry damn people I’m keep missing the party. Conglatulation to all. where can I get the actual magazine??

  14. alesh    Sun Oct 22, 06:30 PM #  

    Got ya, Nic!

    wtf, Cohen doesn’t think I should see oVo?? Maybe they become hazardous after more then one viewing? Blah . . . I didn’t go anyway, for completely fucked up reasons. Life goes on.

  15. cohen    Sun Oct 22, 07:00 PM #  

    no not that you should not go,,, but other folks from the mag damm should visit this kinda stuff more often … its kinda the reason miami will always suck…. cause nobody really cares…

  16. disn'dat    Sun Oct 22, 10:39 PM #  

    ovo…oh, ovo.

    well, after worrying that i wouldn’t make the show, being a challenged time-manager, i arrived at churchill’s about half past midnight and managed to see the entire line-up. there was hahahelp, the natural, dino felipe, and then ovo (italian for egg). in any case, hahahelp was new to me and one of their singers, bizarro waldo (you know the where’s waldo guy), really struck something, maybe it was his penciled-in beard…i dunno…it made some sense and i appreciated mostly this person, who has some sort of falsetto quality and capacity in his vocals. after this, came the monotonous natural, whom i didn’t indulge…last night, i had no patience for “trying” to understand. next, there was dino felipe, who with his drummer luis were fun and hazardous throughout their performance: fire-crackers, strobes, jumping into audience and bumping their heads…you know expected, ridiculous behavior that is VERY enlightening. finally, there came ovo, who are a couple of italo-rough-riders with skulls all over the place, untied combat boots, tailor-made robes with hoods, masks, a couple of guitars, an incomplete drum set, and a ton of energy. the petite woman with dreads, contained within a particularly explosive voice that embraces noise and harmony all at once. it was like a different form of throat-singing while her executioner-looking counterpart strummed the drums in a ritualistic way, that celebrates percussion as movement. he plays standing up, with a very incomplete set of drums…only a bass drum and snare, all the while he moves around at the interval of their songs and plays chairs and stools, while crushing a cymbal as he taps his foot against it and the floor. these guys were great. i’m happy i was able to see them with maybe 10 other people. i had dreaded it’d be packed and regretfully, hardly anyone came. i bought the cd…i heard it today, and it pales in comparison to the show. some things just don’t record well, you know they’re better live…WAY BETTER. i like ovo though. i think i liked them instantly because the hooded percussion guy had a cassette tatooed to each side of his left calf. he was a tall, tubby guy who communicated a load of energy with his style and focus.
    alesh should have been there. i called but you didn’t pick up.

  17. butt slap head    Mon Oct 23, 02:22 AM #  

    me like skull

  18. NicFitKid    Mon Oct 23, 07:00 AM #  

    Damn you, Alesh! I will have my vengance, and it will involve teeny tiny letters.