Wednesday October 18, 2006

Miami Vision Blogarama reports about a new affordable development in downtown, where condos will start at $159,000. What, you don’t read MVB? Get with it, yo!

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  1. Tere    Wed Oct 18, 03:29 PM #  

    I appreciate the effort, but $159K for a piddly 666 sq. feet is not “affordable.”

  2. alesh    Wed Oct 18, 04:59 PM #  

    Good point, Tere. Three points to consider:
    1) the location is pretty sweet.
    2) apparently good amenities
    3) hopefully by the time it’s built prices will be so depressed that it’ll be going for much less.

    but don’t knock 666 sq feet (holy crap – the number of the beast) — my apt is smaller then that, and it’s not so bad.

  3. Tere    Wed Oct 18, 08:35 PM #  

    Alesh, I think 666 sq. feet is fine (well, 667 so as not to have the mark of the beast upon me!), but not for $159K. I suppose that considering the market, I shouldn’t complain, but still. Actually, I should have been clearer in my complaint – I could understand this deal being considered affordable, but by the time you add taxes, insurance and worst of all, the maintenance fee – forget it. Small place for lots o’ money.

    Keep in mind, before this boom, $159K could buy you a 3/2 house with a yard in a decent area. Even in a market with a fair amount of growth, that still would’ve been a realistic option had people not lost their minds and common sense over housing.

  4. Roger    Fri Oct 20, 10:08 AM #  

    One thing not mentioned. Loft 3 units will not have parking. They will have you a card that will work at a nearby municipal garage for ONE
    YEAR ONLY. After that, you are on your own.

    Good luck finding parking during Heat games (and that’s just for the first year). That parking garage also has a 300+ waiting list.

  5. alesh    Fri Oct 20, 11:14 AM #  

    YIKES! Crap: still have this stupid small-caps crap going on…

  6. mkh    Sat Oct 21, 02:00 PM #  

    Textpattern upgrade issue, Alesh? (Yes, I am investigating TP myself.)

  7. alesh    Sat Oct 21, 03:29 PM #  

    Yah… I just upgraded to Txp 4.0.4, which adds a SPAN class=“CAPS to any group of caps longer then 2 characters. The CSS that comes with the new version adds a font-size: .9em to that class, but my existing CSS is so patched together and convoluted that it doesn’t quite work. I just need to chase it down.

    I recommend it strongly for its flexibility and power — once you get your head around some of the admittedly complicated semantics, there’s not much you can’t do with it. And the community support is great.