Wednesday October 18, 2006

A meeting about the Miami streetcar will take place tonight. btw, the url at the end of the Herald article is so mangled I can’t even guess what it is.

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  1. Rebecca Carter    Wed Oct 18, 12:44 PM #  

    Actual Link

  2. James Trolley    Fri Oct 20, 12:56 AM #  

    The streetcar dog and pony show. There were 20 activists opposed to this new Manny Diaz scheme and 85 lobbyists and contractors waiting to carve pieces off this $200 to $300 Mil turkey. 85 lobbyists and contractors in suits.

  3. alesh    Fri Oct 20, 06:28 AM #  

    Yikes, James!

    But you know what? That kind of just goes to show you that when the government throws these kind of “come down and tell us what you think of this project,” you can’t trust the results. The people who show up are almost exclusively either those with a particularly huge economic interest, or chronic grandstanders.

    The people who have a regular, everyday-level of interest in what their government is doing have better shit to do.

    When corporations want public input about something, they don’t announce a meeting — they hire a focus group or something.

  4. Chris Crowley    Sun Oct 22, 02:15 PM #  

    Obviously the suits and the consultants did not want any public dissent. Unfortunately for them some public meetings are required. As far as the promotors of the silly $200+ Mil scheme are concerned it is a done deal. The suits are just waiting for their piece of the pie.

    The Streetcar scheme might end up costing the taxpayers $13 per ride. And that is one way…