Thursday October 5, 2006

Today we get homework: sift through MiamiPost’s City Hall Confidential and see if you find anything, anything of value. (via Tere, who says “When I started this blog, I considered making it an “exposing the ugly side” kind of thing. Then I realized, duh, I don’t know anyone who could help me expose jack shit.”)

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  1. Tere    Thu Oct 5, 10:18 AM #  

    It’s all so insider-heavy and full of code words that I can’t make any sense of it.

  2. PedroChurches    Thu Oct 12, 10:32 AM #  


    I agree.

    However, you have to read at it almost like a novel of sorts. It may seem insider, covert and otherwise heavy, but if you read it you will begin to see all of the larger problems facing CG. A lot of sh*t will hit the fan in the next few months, this is only the beginning…